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  1. A D

    Multiple 221G's

    Thank you. I spoke to an attorney and they suggested that if we can get closure on the petition which was sent back to USCIS for Y company, new visa application from X company can be approved as this is a new one and is valid too. What do you think of the approach of an Attorney reaching out to USCIS on my behalf for them to take a decision on petition with company Y ?
  2. A D

    Multiple 221G's

    Hi All, Need your advice on my situation below: I moved to US in Sept 2011 on L1B with X Company COS to H1B in 2015 Nov with another consulting firm - Company Y I140 approved in Jan 2018 Visited India in Nov 2018 after extension got approved (EVC model) 221G in Hyderabad consulate, submitted LCA/Client and Vendor Letters Realized that I submitted an old letter, sent the updated one as well immediately DOS reached out to the client with the old letter and they said it was expired No update after that, client rolled me off as there was no update on the Visa Joined Company X again in July 2019 Denied Business Visa in August (Mumbai) Withdrew the Visa application with US consulate in Aug 2019 Petition with company Y was sent for USCIS review in Sept 2019 H1B transfer approved in Dec 2019 with company X. Visa appointment in Feb 2020- 221G again - asked for the documentation regarding visa application from company Y. Told that all documentation was provided by Company Y no update since, they didn't reach out to new client as well. Can any one advice on what are the chances for approval here? Is there anything I can do to clear the previous petition ? What happens if petition with Company Y is given NOIR or NOID? Is there a chance I can apply for L1 with Company X Thanks in Advance.
  3. I attended H1B visa interview in Hyderabad and got a 221G in Nov 2018 and I requested to withdraw the visa application in Aug 2019. Checking to see if my wife can apply for an H4 Visa as she is eligible for dropbox and what might be potential issues
  4. Thanks for the update Sekar.
  5. Thanks Gopalakrishna. As my project is complete, even if they verify, the client will say that I'm no longer employed with them. Hence, looking for alternatives. What do you think of my employer's suggestion of using a new LCA in the same MTA for a new Visa interview?
  6. Hi All, I have attended H1B visa interview in Hyderabad on 27 Nov, received 221G white with no updates since then. Current project is completed as I'm on EVC model due to the delay in decision. My employer says that if I can get a new offer within 25 miles of the current work location, I can re-attend the interview with new LCA. Please let me know if this is the right approach as I haven't seen anything on the blogs.
  7. Hi All, I had attended the H1B interview (L1 to H1 with a different employer) on 27 Nov 2018. Consular Officer asked basic questions and gave me 221g White slip and retained the passport. On 28 Nov Embassy called for LCA, Client & Vendor Letters After a couple of days, the passport was returned with no stamping, the status is the same since that day. No one has reached out to the vendor, client or the employer yet. What are the possibilities of approval as it is a holiday period given that no one has been reached to yet? Recommendations please?
  8. Hi there, I have an H1B approved with I-94 valid till 5 Sept 2018 (I-140 Approved) Please find my below status: Moved to a different client in Jan 2018 and filed an extension/amendment which was denied in Mar due to Specialty Occupation. My Employer filed another petition in July for which I got an RFE, pending docs submission on Specialty Occupation Now, I've received another contract offer from the previous role through which I have the amendment approved. Can we submit a new petition with extension only while the amendment/extension petition is already in progress? Another issue is that I received an offer from another company who wants to transfer my H1B and they say the following: If the H1B is denied with this employer, they want to file another petition in consular processing immediately and will have 180 days to get that petition approved. Is it true that we can continue to work until another H1B extension in consular process is approved? Thanks in Advance
  9. Hi All, My current H1 B expires in Sept 2018, my employer filed for an extension cum amendment as I changed to a different client recently. It was filed in Premium Processing and I have an approved I-140. Can I travel to India if I dont get a decision on the extension by the time I leave and get stamped in India after I get a decision?
  10. My Attorney says "No" but I'm not sure. Looking for advice.
  11. Hi, I came into US in Sept 2011 on L1B and converted to H1B with a different employer in Nov 2015 (validity till Sept 2018). My PERM was approved in May 2016 but I-140 was denied in EB2 in Nov 2016 New PERM was approved in Oct 2017 and I-140 was approved in Jan 2018 in EB3 I will be applying for Amendment in Premium there is a client change in Jan 2018 and planning to travel to India in Feb 2018. Here are my questions: · Since my 6 years ended in Sept 2018 (can add 2.5 more months as I was out of country in these 6 years) and I-140 was not approved by then, will there be any issues? · Can I apply for H4 EAD along with the amendment? · Can I apply for extension instead of amendment? Thanks in Advance. AD
  12. Hi, I have an existing H1B from an employer "X". Been working for a client "A" for which amendment was filed in June2016 which was approved in Feb 2017. However, I moved to another client "B" in the same Metro Statistical Area ( 5 miles apart) in Jan 2017. Do I need to file for a new amendment of can I use the existing amendment with client "A" as it is in the same Metro. I'm still with the same employer and in the same position. Thanks in Advance.
  13. A D

    EB2 to EB3

    Hi All, My Employer filed Perm in EB2 which has been approved but due to my 3 year graduation I believe my I-140 would be declined as there is an RFE for educational evaluation. If I-140 is declined and I need to reapply in EB3 does my employer need to file Perm again in EB3 or can I use my existing Perm and just file I-140 in EB3? Also, are there any other suggestions to get I-140 done faster?