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  1. Hi Folks, My PD: sep 2004. Got RFE couple of weeks ago asking for 1. EVL 2. I-693 3. Status check with I-94, EAD etc Also got one for spouse for just I-693. Movement of EB3 to Jun 2004 probably triggered mine, since Sep is close. But apparently folks with PD 2006 are also getting one. Which is wierd since they recently did get on all three about 1 year ago. Starting this forum to discuss this new RFE
  2. I applied for combo EAD and AP card recently online on 04/12/2012 The EAD got approved within 3 weeks and arrived without the approval of Advance Parole. Within a week of EAD arrival, AP got apporved. It is useless to expect 2 year AP and a combo card. This application went to TSS as mentioned on the online application printout. Same thing happened for my wife.
  3. I am refinancing my home loan from PNC Bank. I am currently working at Company B using my EAD which expires in 08-2012 I have a pending 485 application in EB3 category from a different company with Priority Date around Sep 2004. PNC underwriting is not able to understand why and how I am working in US at this point. They kept on asking for a sponsorship letter. I gave then copy of EAD and pending 485 application receipt. But they have hard time understanding how can I be employed without H1b and without green card. Now they came back asking for a letter from an attorney explaining how am I allowed to work or show some document from USCIS explaining why person can work while on pending 485 status. Is there any such document on USCIS?
  4. rshah

    Using AP will activate EAD ?

    Nope it will not
  5. rshah

    EAD and AP concurrent paper renewal

    I read somewhere else that include a cover letter saying you need a combo card. Silly but will have to do it I guess.