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  1. Hi, I have Approved H1B with my company, which was applied 1 year ago. But the company could not find any project for me in usa. So I did not went for H1B visa stamping. My questions 1) Can I transfer my H1B to another company on non CAP H1B petition? 2) Can I go to USA on H4 visa (HAVE OPTION). And then Apply for H1 transfer to another company on non CAP H1B Petition? Thank You
  2. bhaskar11


    I had my interview on oct 28 chennai. I received 221g blue form. EVC Model. The officer asked for i129,W2,LCA and letter to USCIS for H1B. then he returned back all the documents except the USCIS Letter. and gave the blue form. I am not sure whether the officer kept the USCIS letter knowingly or forget to return it back. I realized that the the letter is missing from my docs after coming home. Did any of you had similar situation.Please let me know.
  3. bhaskar11

    chennai 221g blue oct 28

    I went to visa interview on Oct 28 to Chennai consulate. Interview was very normal . I felt like as if i know what is going to happen next. In the entire interview process .including getting the 221g blue. Thanks to this site. EVC Model me: good morning officer CO: good morning me>passed the basic folder CO: have you been to US before. me: Yes i have studied masters in US after MS i started working. CO > saw my F1 visa stamp on the passport....ohh ok you went to xxx university. me >yes CO : when did u completed ur masters me : xxxx year CO: where do you work me:I work for xxx company (my employer company) CO: do you work at client site? me:yes i work at client site CO: can i see letter to USCIS, I129, LCA me >passed the above docs. CO: is there any vendor in between me" yes (xxx vendor) CO: in which state do you work me xx state: CO : can i see ur W2 ME > passed the W2 Now CO turned off the speaker and left the seat. he came back after 5 min with the blue form. he checked few things on the blue form. said to submit the required documents to VFS. and also mentioned not to submit the passport. me : Thank you officer. I was not surprised that i got 221g. below are the docs asked. W2's ,Pay Stub's, bank statement's. Agreement/contract letters from client. docs submitted to USCIS. I have all the required docs with me.I am going to submit them on oct 31.