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  1. ramkashyap

    Succesful H1-B stamping @ Hyderabad

    Congrats. Are you a direct FTE or on EVC model?
  2. Once submitted you cannot change it. However, I recommend starting the DS 160, get the application ID (starts with A) and use that to book your visa appointment. 10 days before your appointment submit the DS 160. That way you do not have to go through the hassle of modifying things numerous times.
  3. ramkashyap

    H-4 EADs

    Today’s topic is about the H4 EAD Rule. The USCIS Director, Deputy Director, Public Relations specialist and other have attended the call. Following is a list of Q&A from participants. I thought I would share with all of you. Feel free to pass along PS: The questions and mainly the responses are jotted down here under based on my understanding during the course of the conversation. I am not responsible for any forthcoming or understanding you infer from below. Some of the responses were not very straight forward as there were defeating responses at different times, when the same question was posed. Q: How long is the H4 EAD Valid for? A: Currently till the H4 Validity. Deferred to a later date. Q: What happens during travelling on EAD? A: You should travel on H4. You cannot use the card to travel. You need the Visa. Q: Is this a onetime opportunity? A: NO. This will be a permanent change. Applicants can submit any time after May 26th as long as reqs are met. Q: Job Portability – What happens to H4 EAD? A: Deferred to a later date. Q: With EAD, do you need H4 Stamping for travelling? A: Yes. EAD does not give travel privileges. Q: Got 140 from Employer A. Moved to employer B. Can my H4 apply for EAD? A: As long as the 140 is not withdrawn or revoked by Employer A, YES H4 will be eligible for EAD. Q: 6 years of H1B completed. Perm applied in the 6th Year. What happens to H4 EAD? A: H1B should have been extended under AC 21 106 (A)(B) or 140 should be in good standing at the time of H4 EAD Application. If not, no go. Q: Got 140 from Employer A. Then moved to Employer B. Employer A has revoked my 140. Can H4 apply EAD? A: NO. (Extension of the above Q, but different case) Q: Got 140 from Employer A. Applied H4 EAD, got approved. Then moved to Employer B. Then Employer A revoked 140. What happens to the already approved H4 EAD? A: Deferred to a later date. Q: Will premium processing be available for H4 EAD? A: NO Q: Should the H4 EAD be in the US at the time of submitting the 765 appl? A: Deferred to a later date. But based on responses provided later for similar questions, it may be understood as YES. But not confident at this moment. Q: Validity period of EAD? A: Matches that of H4. Q: When will the updated 765 form be published? A: Close to May 26th. Q: I539(COS) and I765 (EAD), can they be filed together? A: YES. Q: Employer changed, 140 not revoked. What happens to H4 EAD? A: Remains active. Q: 140 Approved. H1 Extended on 140. Moved employer. What happens to H4 EAD? A: Deferred to a later date. Q: Can you file COS(539)/EAD(765)/H4 Extension, together? A: Yes, all 3 can be filed concurrently. Q: Can F1 on OPT move to H4 to get EAD? A: YES Q: Can you start business on this EAD? A: Seek counsel. Not answered here. Q: H1B extended on 140. Now 140 Revoked. Can my H4 apply? A: NO. Q: If the H4 EAD Application- I765 is rejected, should I wait for a defined duration before applying again? A: NO. You can re-apply in case of rejection. In case of denial you cannot apply again. Please observe the difference between denial and rejection. Q: Is there a count off for H4 EAD applications, like the 65K for H1B? A: NO. The 179K number is only an estimate. Q: Had EAD from L2 Visa before. Now on H4. Can I apply for H4 EAD now? A: Yes. As long as the principal H1B applicant met the 140/extension criterion. Q: Is there any restriction on area of practice for job on H4 EAD? A: NO. With the EAD you can engage in any kind of legal job. Good luck for everyone.
  4. ramkashyap

    Salary difference

    You shouldn't worry at all. As others said it should be at least the lca amount but can be more than as well.
  5. I honestly have no idea on what the consular process is and your case. Sorry I cannot be of help.
  6. ramkashyap

    H1b Stamping before the Current Visa Expires

    1. I am not sure how early you can go before the current Visa expires. But you can go without the existing stamp being expired. (I did that for myself but I appeared to the interview 35 days before my existing stamp expired). As jairichi said above please confirm the allowed window. 2. ABSOLUTE NO!!!
  7. ramkashyap

    H1B Visa revoked after 2 yrs

    Sorry about what has happened. I personally never heard a case like this. IMO, you should speak to your employer and your attorney about this soon. Also there were certain situations in the past where people were making phone calls to the non immigrants and cooking up a story to squeeze money by making them go to a pharmacy store or gas station and transfer money in one form or the other. You may think I am deviating the context, but I wanted to throw my 2cents, anticipating if this could be one of those cases. Please reply here updating your findings which could be useful for many of us. Good luck to you.
  8. ramkashyap

    Successful stamping at Toronto (March 25, 2014)

    Congratulations. Thanks for sharing.
  9. ramkashyap

    H1 stamping in Cape Town(South Africa): 221 g

    You said "Its more than a year now since this H1 process started and still i dont know whether i will get it or not." But your interview was on the 13th (14 days ago). What do you mean by 1 year? I assume you are in South Africa still.
  10. Any update on your case status?
  11. ramkashyap

    H1B Stamping Jamaica or Canada

    Dear Fly2USA, Please do not go to a consulate based on someone's encouragement. You cannot be confident that way. I hope you do (or might have already did) enough research before going to that place. Also, when asking generic questions like this, it makes it very easy if you add more information like, educational background, job details, etc Wish you the very best.
  12. If the immigration officer asks for a return fare you will be made to wait in a waiting area and a separate officer will ask you tu buy the ticket. They will let you use a computer and book the ticket. There are flights from Kingston to Toronto, Canada (Air Canada), and then to India via Europe(Air Canada, Lufthansa etc). I assume you do not have to worry about transit visa thru EU in this context.
  13. Simple answer will be NO. When transiting through Germany, a transit visa is NOT required under the following circumstances: 1. If you hold a valid, unexpired US Visa (eg: If you have an unexpired F1 stamped in your Passport but switched your status to H1 that is fine) 2. If you return to your country of citizenship after a legal stay in the US.
  14. If at all you will have to return to India, it is better to leave from Montego Bay, Jamaica (Airport code: MBJ). Condor Airlines operates direct flights to Munich and Frankfurt. Transiting through Germany doesn't require a stamped Visa. Once you are in Germany, you know your way to India. :) Going to Montego Bay is easy from Kingston. There is a bus service from the New Kingston area to MBJ area everyday and the charge is approx 35$. My cab driver said he would charge 200$ when I asked. This is all good information to have it handy, but I really really hope none of us has to do this. Cheers!