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  1. newcomer78

    N400 pending at since March 2020

    Got I-551 stamp last week. USCIS asked to wait until a month before GC expiration to make an info pass appointment. Someone from USCIS will call back to schedule an appointment after the info pass call. It took less than 15 mins to the stamping at the local ASC office.
  2. newcomer78

    N400 pending at since March 2020

    I didn't. I provided my GC copy along with I-797 receipt notice
  3. newcomer78

    N400 pending at since March 2020

    This is news to me. Didn't notice this was published. If your are new applicant of I-90 after 2020, a new I-797 will act as an extension automatically if you don't get the biometrics or your GC is not renewed before expiration date. In my case, my GC is about to expire in four more months. Will apply for GN renewal if I don't get the biometrics & interview wrapped by that time. Thanks for the find.
  4. newcomer78

    N400 pending at since March 2020

    For my Sentor's office (Pennsylvania), the website says fill the details, print, sign and email/fax it. I don't have details of InfoPass appointment or how to setup one. I still got couple of months before I will reach out to my local USCIS office. Applying for GC renewal in the current circumstances is going to take longer times and I see no point if you are getting I-551 stamping.
  5. newcomer78

    N400 pending at since March 2020

    I have recently reached out to my Senator's office and they have forwarded the request to USCIS and here is part of their response. As xxxxxx submitted the Form N-400 with at least six months left on their permanent resident card, they are entitled to receive a temporary I-551 stamp without filing the Form I-90. They would need to make an Infopass appointment closer to the expiration date if the N-400 has not been completed by that time. “ I was about to file the GC renewal application and after noticing the above response, I'm holding off filing for right now. Hoping I get the biometrics in the meantime followed by interview.
  6. newcomer78

    No Update on Biometrics Appointment Reschedule

    Have you to tried to call the local USCIS office? Try to reach out to your local senator office as well. When calling the USCIS customer service office, you can request to raise a service request and then speak to a customer rep. Based on the receipt date listed on the processing times, I doubt you would get any better answer from customer service rep. I have applied in March 2020 (Philly) and yet to receive the Biometrics appointment.
  7. newcomer78

    N400 pending at since March 2020

    Thanks for your response.
  8. I have applied for naturalization around the 2nd week of March 2020 right before the pandemic hit. Got the receipt notice on March 19th. Since then no updates on the USCIS website for my case or no biometrics interview was scheduled. Have called USCIS to open a service request but was denied as the application was under normal processing time frame. My GC card will expire in May 2021. Will the impending delays, I guess I'm left with no option other than to get I-551 stamping in the passport. Some questions though.... 1) Can we even apply for GC renewal with N-400 application pending with USCIS? With the lengthy timelines for GC renewal, I don't think this even makes sense but want to check if its an option or not. 2) Can we make an appointment at local USCIS office to check the status? How to make an appointment at the local USCIS office? 3) If I were to get the I-551 stamping, what is the process? Thanks in advance