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  1. VI001

    Travelling to India while H1 in process

    If you do not have a valid visa and your H1B is in the process, traveling outside country is riskier and you are not allowed to enter in U.S.
  2. VI001

    Travelling to India while H1 in process

    @vparepelly If your wife H1-B petition is approved and she receives documentation in time, your wife can always decide and go for H1-b visa stamping otherwise she will have to enter in the U.S on H4
  3. VI001

    H1 to F2

    @sndpk Sorry to hear about your case. Your best bet is to find an employer/petitioner who will file a new H1-B petition for you. If you are in the U.S. with valid I-94 request your current employer to file a fresh petition with solid documentation learning from your previous case. Why USCIS denied your H1-B extension petition what was the RFE/denial reason?
  4. VI001

    H1B Transfer

    Yes.. of course, you could join B and later decide to resign company B and join company C with approved H1B transfer petition. Why you choose to join B if you did not have any intention to continue to work with them. Curious to know, what is the RFE you received for company C?
  5. Hi,

    Iam also in the same situation(15 years Work Exp + B.sc Computer Science) and my H1-B visa extension will start in November and trying get more information related RFE cases..

    Please suggest on Education/Evaluation and progressively responsible role report.

  6. VI001

    H1B revoked after approval

    @sss1199 California center for me. Since my case filed with premium processing, I got USCIS decision in 7 days.
  7. VI001

    H1B RFE

    Got approval today on my H1B extension. Good luck all of you on your case..
  8. Got approval today on my H1B extension. Good luck all of you on your case..
  9. VI001

    H1B revoked after approval

    Got approval today on my H1B extension. Good luck all of you on your case..
  10. VI001

    H1B revoked after approval

    Congratulations @Hisubbu Happy for you.😄 For me, the attorney taking time to respond. I have provided experience letters from 2 employers for past 15 years. And getting an evaluation done one more time, hoping for the best. Last question for you- Which USCIS office your petition was submitted? And was it premium processing?
  11. VI001

    H1B revoked after approval

    Do let me know, about how your RFE response is prepared and outcome please.
  12. VI001

    H1B revoked after approval

    @sss1199 @Hisubbu RFE response for me will be filed on 06/15, meanwhile, I am collecting experience letters from previous employers. Sample experience letter: To Whom It May Concern: This letter serves to verify the work experience of Mr. xxx during his employment with ABC Technologies. MR. xxx was employed with ABC from October 2011 until May 10, 2018 in progressively responsible positions. By way of background, I began my career in information technology industry 20 years ago after receiving my Bachelor’s degree from American University [More detail about supervisor/manager who will be signing your experience letter.] Given my extensive experience in the technology sector, I have a clear understanding of the skillset required for hiring a successful software engineer. Thus, I believe that my credentials qualify me to evaluate Mr. xxx accomplishments and to strongly support him as an expert software engineer. Mr. XXX gained progressively responsible experience in the followings: 1) ... 2) ... etc... Based on my expertise as well as my experience with Mr. xxx and personal knowledge of his abilities, I certify that he demonstrated progressively responsible experience as a Software engineer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at nnn-nnn-nnnn Sincerely, Manager 123
  13. Not an issue as long as you have valid visa on PP A couple of my friends did visit India while waiting for H1B petition result.
  14. @arbr Exactly, I also think the same way. And collecting now experience letters from my previous employers just to show progressive experience. Looking for experiences from fellow H1B holders who are able to get approval on extension and have similar case like mine.
  15. VI001

    H1B extension denied

    @Rambhatla1205 Since you have a pending H1-b petition with company B and you did receive a receipt on May 8th. - I think you are in legal status! (I am not an attorney) How did you manage to find a new employer to file a new petition for you on urgent basis? What was your RFE reason?