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  1. jlaxmareddy

    485 rfe - please advise

    Here you go: AFFIDAVIT I, <mother's name>, wife of <father's name>, solemnly state and confirm hereunder: I was born in <city, state, country> on <mother's date of birth>. I got married to <father's name> on <date of marriage>. I am the mother of <your name> and <father's name> is his/her father. <your name> was born on <your date of birth> at <your time of birth> in <city, state, country>. I have known <your name> since his/her birth. Signature: Date: Place: N O T A R Y
  2. Thank you. All the very best to all of you.
  3. Hi, I am received my GC on 2/27/2012. My PD was 2/11/2008 and RD was 12/7/2011. Thanks!
  4. jlaxmareddy

    December Bulletin: Lets track EB Approvals

    Today 02/18/2012, received I-485 Card Production Ordered email. Great News. But received an RFE for my wife's AOS today. As she was pregnant we did not complete all the vaccinations for her when we had our medicals. I guess this RFE is for medicals. Thanks for all the info.
  5. jlaxmareddy

    December Bulletin: Lets track EB Approvals

    Hi, My details below: EB2 India PD: Feb 2008 Filed: Dec 1, 2011 Service Center: TSC Received: Dec 9 2011 Receipt Date: Dec 12 2011 FP done on Jan 12, 2012. EAD&AP approval emails received on Feb 01, 2012. Waiting to receive EAD&AP combo card in mail. Any one who filed I-485 in December got their GC? Please update. Thanks!
  6. jlaxmareddy

    I-140 - September 2011 - Premium Processing

    Hi, I have filed my EB2 India I-140 on Sept 08, 2011 in Regular Processing with Texas Service Center. Later I have converted my case to Premium Processing on Oct 21st and it got approved on Oct 28th, 2011. Also while filing my I-140, I have requested USCIS to port my old PD from my previously approved I-140 from my last employer. My new approved EB2 I-140 successfully ported with the old PD date. Thanks for all the info on this forum and all the very best for your cases. Thanks, Laxma Reddy
  7. jlaxmareddy

    I-140 - September 2011 - Premium Processing

    Hi Coolbaba, can you please post the latest status on your case? Thanks!
  8. jlaxmareddy

    I-140s Filed in September

    Category: EB2 I-140 filed on Sept 08, 2011 at Texas Service Center Normal Processing Status: Initial Review Please reply if any I-140 which is filed in Sept or later got approved. Also, please let me know how much time its taking these days for I-140 approvals. Thanks!
  9. jlaxmareddy

    Contacting DOL helpdesk for PERM status

    Hi, My employer has filed my perm labor in EB2 category on Nov 24th, 2010 and still its pending. When I look at the DOL portal, its showing that they are processing April 2011 cases. There is a message that states "If your application was filed more than 3 months prior to the month posted, you may contact our Helpdesk for a status on the application at plc.atlanta@dol.gov". I have asked my attorney for this option but she replied "Every time that I have taken that option below and requested the status, DOL has responded by issuing an audit notice on that case. If a case gets audited, it will delay the processing a least 2 more years. Do you want me to go ahead with that?" Please suggest whatever my attorney saying is true or not. Also please suggest what should I do now with my case. Thanks for your support!
  10. jlaxmareddy

    Question about EB2 perm processing time

    Thank you very much for your reply.
  11. jlaxmareddy

    Question about EB2 perm processing time

    Hi, My employer has filed my EB2 PERM petition in Nov, 2010 and its still pending though DOL website states that they are processing April, 2011 cases. Can anyone please let me know what is the latest trend regarding EB2 PERM processing, how much times its taking these days etc. I have an approved EB3 Labor from my same employer which was filed in Feb, 2009, got audited and finally got approved in Feb, 2011. While I was waiting for approval after reply to Audit, my employer has filed EB2 case. Filing for a second PERM case from same employer will have any effect on the PERM processing time or the processing out come? Please suggest! Thank you very much for your response. Thanks, Laxma Reddy