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  1. bsrksg123

    H1B stamp - took break from job due to accident

    check if your employer has ran the pay stub during the time you were in us and not working to a client. If so then you should be good to go with stamping. else check with your employer.
  2. any one has any idea that how long is it taking currently to return the passport after the visa approval.
  3. do you guys know how long its taking currently for returning the passport? or can you update once your stamping are done and recevied the passports .. please
  4. bsrksg123

    JAMAICA Stamping - Advise and Information

    when did you attend interview?
  5. I am planning for oct 27th too...
  6. bsrksg123

    kingston, Jamaica - Oct 27th

    Hi Raj123, I am also planning for visa stamping at jamaica got interview on Oct 27th. Let me know if we can plan to gether. Thanks.
  7. bsrksg123

    How many years of extension will i get on H1b ?

    i dont think so if there is any such rule. You will be extended as long as your GC is under process. so it depends if you get 3 yrs or 1 yrs based on the file .. but nothing like you will get only one year after one time 3 yrs extents after 140 is apporved ... not that i am aware of ....
  8. Hi, Wanted to check if any one is planning for Visa Stamping on OCT 27th at Kingston, jamaica. Thanks.
  9. bsrksg123

    H1 B stamp-Need Help

    1st H1b in the sense first 3 years of H1b. So you can say its first H1b.
  10. Let me know if any one looking for accomodation at Vancouver for Sept 20 thru 24n
  11. Hi, Wanted to check if anyone is having Visa Appointment on Sept 20th at Vancouver. Thanks.
  12. bsrksg123

    H1B Stamping in canada

    If you haven't submitted your DS160 yet then yes you can update it with new H1b petition Number.
  13. bsrksg123

    H1B Stamping with H1B Amendment petition pending

    I Think you need approval. Check withyour attorny too. I guess they will be looking for updated H1b Doc.
  14. Yes this is the right one.
  15. bsrksg123

    H1B Stamping in canada

    Hi Bachi, I think you just need upda the DS160 with new H1b petition number, unless you have submitted the DS160 form yet. Else i guess there should be a way to update the DS form though you have submitted too. I don't think you need to have one more slot scheduled again. Thanks.