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    Approved EAD, pending H1 renewal

    Thanks for the response guys.
  2. aerotops

    Approved EAD, pending H1 renewal

    I have an approved EAD/AP. I have also filed for my H1B to be renewed as I would like to stay on H1 till I get my GC. My driver's license (NY state) is expiring soon(a week). DMV will only take aproved H1 or EAD as proof of legal residence. Can I extend my driver's license on EAD but continue to work on H1(approval pending and after approval)?
  3. aerotops


    Hi, I am a Canadian citizen on a TN work permit and my husband is Indian on H1B. My TN expires in May 2012. I learned that I should not be travelling while GC is pending because TN visa holders cannot apply for immrigation. Questions: If I leave the country, on the way back to US, the border can stop me from entering due to dual intent. Is this correct? We filed our GC (485), EAD (765) and AP(131) with Canadian cross chargebility in mid Dec 2011. We got the finger prints done in mid Jan 2012. The USCIS currently says that it will take 90 days to process. That means we could get the EAD in mid March. I have to travel for work in mid Feb. Question: Is there any way that I can expedite the EAD and AP process? I heard that you can call your congressman and make this request, is that correct? thanks in advance!