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  1. Hi Friends, I have an H1B extension approved last year. Since my work location changed, an H1B amendment has been filed. Can any body suggest if I can travel outside of US while this amendment is pending? H1B extension approved and is valid until 09/2015 H1B amendment filed in a general processing (Got the receipt notice already) Any advice will be helpful.
  2. sam_848

    Travel during H1B Amendment is pending

    Hi, I am pretty much in the same situation as yours. I appreciate if somebody who went through this situation provides us some guidelines.
  3. Thanks Srikalyan, could you please suggest some more thoughts. Any other friends in this forum that can shed some more light.
  4. Hi Srikalyan, Yes, I am a full time employee and my client is same before and after the work location change. Also work locations are both in the same metropolitan statistical area because the new work location is just a couple of blocks away.
  5. Thanks for your reply Srikalyan. I checked with my attorney (basically Paralegal). She responded saying that there wont be any issue. All I have to do is explain that my H-1B amendment is pending due to change in address. I emailed my attorney as well to give me some legal advice. Anyother friends in the same boat/same experience please share your outcomes.