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  1. Ronaldo7

    I 94 Date

    I was under impression that my I 94 on the New I 797 takes precedence than the I 94 given at the immigration but then i realized it and was trying to hand him over the new I 797 saying i got extension till 2021 but he said the current I 797(valid till Jul 22-2018) was the one he should be looking at. i just got a call from the CBP office saying that he cannot correct the I 94 expiry date as its not an error from the CBP officer and said i have 2 options now 1. either go out of country and get stamping done or 2. file an extension. I am running it through my immigration lawyer now to see what would be the best option :|.
  2. Ronaldo7

    I 94 Date

    Hi Guys, I am in a tricky situation and hoping someone can give me a way out of it. I recently traveled on a international trip and while coming back the CBP officer looked at my current I 797 which is valid till Jul 22 -2018 and gave the I 94 with expiry date of Jul 22 -2018. I already had my I 797 Extension approved till Jul 22-2021 and told him to look at it but he did not even look at it. Now I 94 online has Jul 22-2018 expiry date and not the one from the New I 797. After talking to my lawyer he told me to reach out to CBP local office which i did and they asked me for my documents which i did fax it and was informed they would need atleast 8 weeks to make any decision on this. I am now confused as my lawyer isn't sure if the I 94 from the New I 797 is the valid one or the one i got when i returned back to the US. has anyone been in this position before? Do the CBP Deferred locations correct this kind of error?
  3. Ronaldo7

    I 94 expired on 11/26

    There is a paid parking right next to the IHOP restaurant. you cannot miss it for sure.
  4. Ronaldo7

    I 94 expired on 11/26

    @JoeF I did book the flight next day but changed it before starting from Otay Mesa...I took the 73 Route(toll) which made it lil easy for me....!! @shekar11# I did Show him the new Passport but still the online I 94 shows the Old Passport. Can i get this corrected to new Passport at a Local CBP office?
  5. Ronaldo7

    I 94 expired on 11/26

    Update : I 94 Updated till 2018(My Visa Expiry) I was very worried about going ahead with this step as My attorney advised me not to go for Mexico Border for Th I 94 Update. But i thought about giving it a try. It was a hectic trip for me yesterday as I had get down at LAX Airport as it was affordable and then took a rental car to the border. I will summarize my trip so that other can benefit from this. 12 Pm - Started to Otay Mesa Border (I put destination as Subway near the border) 2.30 PM - Reached the Border ( You can park right opposite to Subway where there is a parking lot and do not park anywhere else as they have warning signs all over commercial Parking lots about towing it ) 2.40 PM - went inside the CBP office on USA end( Please note that you do not need to Cross the Border for the New I 94. I have seen people saying the same and it helped tremendously . I just went straight into the office and did ask a officer on where i can get a new I 94 and then he informed me about the line when you enter the office on the Left) (https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Otay+Pizza,+Roll+Drive,+San+Diego,+CA/SENTRI+%2F+Global+Entry+-+Otay+Mesa+Enrollment+Center,+2500+Paseo+Internacional,+San+Diego,+CA+92154/@32.5518255,-116.9392408,600m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x80d947aa0a2a5905:0x698ab22da343804b!2m2!1d-116.938354!2d32.552851!1m5!1m1!1s0x80d947075e87ddb3:0x261faefa73436664!2m2!1d-116.93782!2d32.550837) 2.45 PM - I waited in the Line to Pay $6 for the New I 94 and after that there is another line to right to get in to the room. 3.40 PM - After waiting for close to 40 mins i was called in the office. I handed over the Passport and I 797 to the officer and told him that i needed a new I 94 as the last I 94 i got was connected to the Old Passport( I didn't want to use the word Expiry for I 94). he looked at the I 797 and told me this is valid till 2018 so i am good. I then informed that i had gone to India in Feb and while coming back the CBP officer stamped it till my Old Passport so i wanted a I 94 which is valid till 2018. he did talk over to other officer on his left and he was pretty cool about it. he provided me a new I 94 card with 2018 and did stamp in my Old Passport mentioning valid till 2018. i thanked him and the first thing i did coming out was to check it online and yep it was updated online too(Still showing My Old Passport but heard that's fine) and there was this huge relief and then starts my real journey to beat the San Diego Traffic and LA Traffic to reach LAX by 7.30 Pm as i had booked my flight at 9 PM Its a huge relief to get I 94 updated finally. so anyone want some info just message me. Thanks to everyone out in this forum who helped me immensely.
  6. Ronaldo7

    I 94 expired on 11/26

    Anyone faced difficulties renewing I 94 on a expired Passport and I 94? Please post it here as i am going ahead with a try tomorrow at Otay Mesa.
  7. Ronaldo7

    I 94 expired on 11/26

    My Attorney is saying that since i overstayed my I 94 i am considered Out Of Status and If CBP Officer at the Border determines that then i will have to go back to India and came back with a new Visa. Did anyone face something like that? I am not really sure how to proceed now?
  8. Ronaldo7

    I 94 expired on 11/26

    Planning to San Diego(Otay Mesa) This weekend. Hoping It will be a smooth one. Thanks for all the replies. Local CBP office is taking forever to even reply if it can be done or not.
  9. Ronaldo7

    I 94 expired on 11/26

    My Passport Expired on 11/26/2016. My Company Attorney has responded saying to give it a try at the Local CBP office and if doesn't work out then to Leave the country. does crossing to Mexico work ? as i don't have a Mexican Visit Visa.
  10. Ronaldo7

    Urgent: I-94 Exipry

    @basicsbeauty Did you have Mexico Visit Visa?
  11. Ronaldo7

    I 94 expired on 11/26

    Hi All, What are my options as of today as my I 94 expired on 11/26/2016 and I have Valid I 797 till Jul 22-2018 but it does not matter now i believe. I sent a mail to my company attorney too but thought i could post it here and see my options. I have booked an appointment with USCIS(Info pass) tomorrow to see if they can extend My I 94.
  12. Ronaldo7

    E-filing COS(H1B - H4)

    That is i have to do now. But i have seen some of them do COS for H1b to H4 before through E-Filing so i just wanted to make sure we cannot do it anymore. anyway thanks for your reply @Jai.
  13. Ronaldo7

    E-filing COS(H1B - H4)

    Can anyone tell me if we could do E-Filing for Change of Status from H1B to H4? I have seen in some forums that they have made it unavailable for COS from H1B to H4.Can somebody confirm this? or has anyone does this recently if yes when?
  14. Ronaldo7

    VAC canada NewYork Closed

    So when did you apply for the Visa and when did you send the documents?