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  1. Hi Raj Can you give me your email id? I do not see it in your profile. Thanks, Sreekanth
  2. Can you reply to this post your contact details, The website is not allowing to post my id. Thanks,
  3. Hi, My Visa Stamping is on Oct 7th, I am looking for accommodation share. Please reply to this post. Thanks, Sreekanth
  4. I have my interview on 7th in Jamaica, please mail me at ****************at gmail Thanks
  5. artham19

    Stamping in Ottawa on 7th October

    All, I am not going to Ottawa for stamping, I have changed my visa interview location. Thanks, Sree
  6. I have apt on Oct 7th, Let me know.
  7. artham19

    Stamping @Jamaica Oct 12 - 17 Anybody else?

    My Stamping is on 17th, Would you like to share the Hotel etc?
  8. Hi, I am going for Stamping on Oct 17th 2014, Any one attending on the same date or around and would be interested in sharing hotel etc? Contact me at **************at gmail Thanks, Sree
  9. I have my H1B Stamping scheduled in Ottawa, Canada on Oct 7th. Is any one going for stamping on or around that date? Thanks, Sreekanth
  10. artham19

    221g guys @Vancouver ?

  11. artham19

    221g guys @Vancouver ?

    I got 221G on Feb 5th, Still waiting for some update from the consulate.
  12. artham19

    221 G in Vancouver

    Got 221 G in vancouver on Feb 05th. Any idea on how many days does it take to get this cleared?
  13. Hi, I am looking for the same, When is your Visa staming date? Email me at sreekanth235@gmail.com Thanks, Sreekanth
  14. artham19

    Feb 6 - 15 - Vancover -H1b stamping

    Hello, I have my stamping is on February 5th 2013. Keep in touch. sreekanth235 at gmail Thanks, Sree
  15. artham19

    H1b stamping checklist for Vancouver, CA

    I have a similar situation, Let me know if you get the list.