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  1. Thanks for the replies. I had a lawyer involved right from the beginning. He doesn't do litigation work and has consistently advised me against WOM, even after what happened at interview. I guess, I'll have to look for another lawyer.
  2. JoeF, thanks for your advise and everybody else on the forum. I had a lawyer involved right from the beginning. He doesn't do litigation work and has consistently advised me against WOM, even after what happened at interview. I guess, I'll have to look for another lawyer.
  3. Thanks for all your inputs. I went for interview today which did not happen. I have started another thread entitled USCIS did NOT conduct interview at scheduled appointment citing security checks. Kindly advise..
  4. Dear friends, I know the title of this topic is odd but this is exactly what happened to me this morning when I appeared for interview at the Detroit USCIS field office. After 15 months wait I finally got interview appointment letter dated 7/20/2017 to appear for interview today, i.e. , August 24, 2017 at 8:40 am. I was at the office by about 8:10 am. My name was called much earlier than appointment time. The officer introduced herself and to my shock said that she cannot conduct the interview because security checks are not complete !! My immediate response was why was the interview notice sent ? To which she repeated her earlier statement. This happened a couple of times before I asked to speak with her supervisor. All this conversation happened in the corridor, I was not even called into an office. I was then asked to sit in the waiting area so that she could call her supervisor. The supervisor came into the corridor and pretended as if she knew nothing. I insisted we go into her office and talk. We went into the office of her subordinate (the officer who was supposed to interview me). I asked the supervisor why the interview notice was sent when security checks were not complete. She explained the N400 process, application, security check, interview and oath process. She mentioned an additional level of checks at the field office prior to oath which leads to delays after interview sometimes. I asked her if they are going to send my file back to NBC. She seemed to indicate that the checks will be local. I asked her that the interview was scheduled more than a month ago, they could have easily called me earlier and told me not to come to interview. To which she said they received my file yesterday (unbelievable !!). I insisted you could have called me yesterday. She said they received my file yesterday evening !! I asked to speak with the Field office director. The supervisor said he/she is out of office. Her subordinate said that I was being rude to which I backed off and pleaded with them to understand my frustration of going through all this after a 15 month wait and also being a 21 year legal resident of this country. The supervisor left and I was escorted by the officer to the waiting area. Frustrated and seeing the number of people in the waiting area, I just left the office. Haven't really thought on what to do. Really sorry to bother you guys with this long post. Kindly advise if you can. Thanks a lot.
  5. Thanks for the advice. The Senators office contacted NBC and got a reply in a week. They confirmed my case is pending background check and " unable to speculate when the background check will be completed ". Also said " the agency must balance individual inconvenience against broader issues of public safety and national security." I can't imagine being a public safety and national security threat !! Very frustrated. Senators office asked to contact them again if the case is still pending after 60 days.
  6. Thanks. I contacted one of the Senators that represents the State in Senate. How much will it cost to file a writ of mandamus ?
  7. Thanks for the advice. I have contacted the state senators office. Does anyone know what it takes to file a writ of mandamus ? Thanks.
  8. Hello, My N-400 filing date is May 9, 2016, finger printing completed May 31, 2016, been waiting for interview since then !! Called USCIS on 11/4/2016 to inquire, was told current processing date was April 3, 2016. Contacted USCIS again in Feb 2015, Received a letter from USCIS, Detroit office saying "We have placed your case on a processing hold because the required security checks remain pending. Until we receive the results of these security checks, we cannot move forward on your case. We require the results of security checks before we make a decision on any pending cases." After 3 months took Infopass last week and met USCIS officer at the Detroit field office. She told me that the name check is still pending !! Its been 1 year since I applied. I am a 20 year resident with no issues and am very frustrated with the situation. Any ideas on what can I do ? Appreciate any advice from Murthy Law Firm and forum members. Thanks a lot.