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  1. InGodWeTru$t

    VISA Interview Juarez Jan 22-23

    Hello Friends, Anyone planning to attend VISA interview in Ciudad Juarez for the week of Jan 21-24 ? Please let me know, thanks
  2. InGodWeTru$t

    Ciudad Juarez Interview experience

    any idea on the timelines for 221g in ciudad juarez?
  3. InGodWeTru$t

    Tijuana H1 stamping Jan 24th and 27th

    you may txt cal my digits s*x *ne f!v5 .eit fiv s*x.fore 1 too nin
  4. InGodWeTru$t

    Tijuana H1 stamping Jan 24th and 27th

    Hi Do they have any appointments available in those dates ? and are 2 days sufficient ?
  5. InGodWeTru$t

    H1-B Lottery Status - Last date

    I heard that today is the last date for check credits, your petitioner can check if a check for your case was debited today or tomorrow.
  6. InGodWeTru$t

    H1B approval: some questions on follow up

    Congrats on your efforts to clear RFE! sorry to ask a question instead of answering, what RFE did you get ? if you can pls share
  7. InGodWeTru$t

    H1B Amendment Withdrawal

    sorry to ask a question instead of answering, what RFE did you get ?
  8. InGodWeTru$t

    DUI on H1B - Planning India trip before court hearing

    please share your phone # ,
  9. InGodWeTru$t

    H1b Renewal After I140 Approval

    yeah at this time its a wait and watch, not sure how these rumors start up.. may be whatsapp free text
  10. InGodWeTru$t

    Arrested for DWI and H1B extension

    @shabee Please share your contact email or phone I want to talk to you . thanks
  11. Hi Guys, employer A has 140 approved and 3 months later moved to full time with client, while moving employer said I-140 will be cancelled, now not sure if it was cancelled or still active. I check case status from uscis website it has same status - case was approved on date... Please let me know how to know the status of I-140. Thanks.
  12. InGodWeTru$t

    H1B Visa Stamping in Matamoros on March 17th 2016

    Thanks Shiva, Appreciate your help by sharing your experience.
  13. InGodWeTru$t

    Matamoros March 28th 29th

    I got my Mexico Visitor Visa from the Consulate of Mexico in New York. It was 1 hour process and they give you visa immediately. Good Luck with your VISA interview.
  14. InGodWeTru$t

    Matamoros March 28th 29th

    Hello I have an appointment with Matamoros Consulate for US on March 28th for ASC and 29th for interview, please contact me if anyone is travelling on same dates I'm thinking to drive from Austin to Brownsville and take Salvador services ... we can share the ride or I can as well alter my tickets to Houston if I have a company to drive. thanks you can reach me at my email mentioned in profile or ******************** to text
  15. Yes . you can attend interview in Ottawa and pick up passport in Toronto.