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  1. rambabu1234

    H1B visa but no job offer yet

    Hi pontevecchio, Can you please throw some light on my issue : http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/62614-confirmation-letter-of-h1b-visa-cancellation/ I past you replied to some of my topics, so thought to ask you. Thx Ram
  2. rambabu1234

    Confirmation letter of H1B Visa cancellation

    Hi Joef, 1- Thanks for this info. 2- The reason for "confirmation letter of Cancellation "....is in future :: - Lets say i want to apply for new H1B (after 2-3 yrs) - Or Say i got married with US Citizen / GC girl - Or Say my uncle-aunt-brother-sister want to sponsor my GC. So in any such case....if i have confirmation letter from USCIS, then it would make things easier. Absence of such confirmation letter might raise some doubts...or Visa Officer might ask some more docs to prove that my H1 petition was revoked by my company....i don't what visa officer will ask. so to make things easier for all of us....i requested confirmation letter. 3- As per you, its rule that : " The employer is required by law to inform USCIS when the H1 employee no longer works there. ". That is ok. But when employer sends Notice of H1 petition revokation to USCIS then USCIS would send confirmation letter to employer... Is IT True ? If yes then legally i can ask my employer to send me copy. Am i right ??? and myemployer has to give me copy. Am i right ??? Having such document will be much helpful for me in future. Thx Ram
  3. Hello All, I have question regarding cancelation of H1B Visas. Till now i was with Consultancy-A, who was holding my H1B. Currently i am in 5th year of my H1B & I-797 is valid upto end of 2014. Few months ago my wife got heavily sick, so i had to leave USA immidiately & come to India. I came to india and now she is good. As i was busy in handling my wife, so i couldn't contact my agency ( for @ 2 months ). So my agency thought that i am not willing to come back. So they cancelled my H1B Visas by sending notice to USCIS. My agency sent me that letter's soft copy. I was unaware of the fact that my H1B visa got cancelled. After few days of this event, i came to know about this bad news. When i contacted my agency they said...we thought you are not coming back...!!! As i couldn't do anything, i asked them : please send/give me confirmation letter ( receipt ) from USCIS stating that my H1B visa has been cancelled. so that i can use that as reference in future for any visa process. But my agency said that " we cannot give you any such letter whether Original Or xerox , we can only give you experience letter." So i would like to know from community-readers / experts / lawyers...that : Q-1-- What is standard process i.e. I am elligible to receive receipt of my H1B cancellation from USCIS ? Q-2-- What else i should take from my agency before leaving them ? Q-3-- What other options i have ( Some friends told that you can transfer H1...I was on bench from last 4 months....Is it possible for me ) ? Friends please put in your proper comments/links/examples...i am really getting confused. To Admin: If you feel that this message is in wrong queue, then pls transfer to correct queue, Thank you. Thx Ram
  4. Hi pontevecchio I am in similar situation. Can you please read my post below & guide me what to do..!!! http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/52427-h1-transfer-when-can-we-start-working/ Thx Ram
  5. Hi Guys As i understand, if we do H1B Transfer via Premium Processing, it takes 15 days. Q-1 So within 15 Days we get final Result of Approval or Denial ? Or We get some kind of notification, saying " as per your documents, everything looks good, we will decide on your case & update you soon " Q-2 This 15 days means 15 CALENDAR Days ( means 2 week time ) !!! OR 15 Working(Business) Days ( means 3 week time )!!! Q-3 As i understand, H1 Transfer is complete when we receive actual Paper print-statement saying that " your h1b for emply-X is approved for so-n-so date" Is it correct...!!! OR JUST based on email notification of approval sent by USCIS, will be sufficient to say that H1B transfer is approved..?? Guys, please help me to understand this. Thanks Ram
  6. rambabu1234

    H1 Transfer - When can we start working

    Thanks Rahul for answering this. But i have little confusion. 1- " It is always a good decision if you start working with B only after your H1 is approved " -- I understood this. 2- " If you start working with B before the approval, and in the worst case if that h1 is not approved then you will be out of status from that day and you cannot go back to A since you are no longer an employee of A at that time. " -- I understood this but little confusion. 3- " Moreover, once you start working with B your H1 from A will be invalid by default. " -- I understood this but little confusion. The terminology of 2 & 3 are confusing to me. Que-1 If H1 filed by B is rejected, why i cannot go back to A. H1 of Employer-A is still not expired. Also Employer-A has not yet Cancelled H1B. As i understand, when i successfully move to Employer-B, Employer-A has to cancel my Old H1B. Que-2 If in worst case, my H1B Transfer do not get approved, then what are my options ? Que-3 As per H1B Portability act, i can work with new employer-B, while H1B transfer is under process. So i am trying to work in Legal (Lawful) manner. So if my H1B Transfer do not get approved, then can i say that i am not OUT-Of-Status (Becos i have not accepted any Un-Lawful work). Que-3 Also as per terms with my current Employer-A, i need to give 1 month Notice period before leaving company. That is fine. But then Employer-B says that, we will fill new H1B just 1 week before the joining of new client ( placed by Employer-B ). Does the H1B transfer needs anything from new client ( placed by Employer-B ). Why this..!!! Can anyone in this forum shed light on this...please...!!! Thanks Ram
  7. Hi Folks Currently i am working with employer-A (IT Consultancy). I got offer from employer-B (IT Consultancy). employer-B says that we will send your docs to USCIS, for your H1B transfer & next day you will get receipt of UPS saying that "documents have been received". So based on that i can start working at new client work-place, placed by employer-B. Some of my friends said that you need Receipt Number OR Case Number from USCIS. Then only i can start working. So what is true/correct...!!! Can you please guide me about this...!!! Thanks Ram
  8. rambabu1234

    What is Current PERM( Labor ) Processing time

    Thank you for reply.
  9. rambabu1234

    Visa Stamping Question

    1- Thank you very much sir. I appreciate your quick response. 2- So just wanted to confirm what i heared from my friends that: aa- we need valid H1B visa stamp to enter into USA. bb- Once we enter USA, important is Status ( as mentioned by I-94 ). I should be in-status, Not Out-of-status. 3- As in my case, my passport do not have valid H1B visa stamp, after SEPT-2011. So i need to do stamping when i come back from India to USA irrespective of Clearing PERM Or Clearing I-140. Once i enter country, i can stay as long as my status is valid. I must not worry about expiry of H1B visa stamp. Above all are right...!!! Thx Ram
  10. Can anyone tell me what is Current PERM( Labor ) Processing time ? I mean...how much time it takes to for LABOR Application to get approved ( Without any Audit AND With any Audit ) ? I saw some sites tell that DOL is processing application filed in JUNE-2012. Is it true ? What are factors affect it. ? Thx Ram
  11. rambabu1234

    Visa Stamping Question

    Hi Folks, I need your help. I am Student to H1B Path candidtate. I finished my study & got my H1B visa. My Passport has 1st-half H1B Visa stamp end/expiry date of SEPT-2011. Then I got H1b extension. Currently i am on 2nd-half of H1 Visa valid till OCT-2014. The I-94 i received with this extension is also valid till OCT-2014. After getting this extension, i haven't gone out of USA. Currently i am in talk with my company/consultancy for starting my GC Process. But they haven't started anything yet. So now i have following questions regarding doing STAMPING at US Consulate in India: 1- If i go to india before OCT-2014, but i haven't filled PERM(Labor Certificate), then do i need to do any stamping in India, while coming back ? 2- Now let's say my company applies for PERM (Labor Certificate) in MARCH/APRIL-2013 but PERM is not yet received. Then if i go to india...then do i need to do any stamping in India, while coming back ? 3- After successfully clearing/getting PERM (Labor Certificate), now let's say i go to india before OCT-2014. As i have not cleared (received) I-140, do i need to do any stamping in India, while coming back ? I know these are lot of questions, but please help me to solve this puzzle. Thx Ram
  12. Hi Folks I have question regarding starting GC. I am working in Indian Consultancy. So working Model is Indian Consultancy -> Prime Vendor -> American Client. Currently i am in 4th Yr of H1B. My Indian Consultancy is willing to apply for my GC. As i did my Masters in USA, i fall under EB-2. Initially i thought that i will try to get full-time job in American company, so that GC processing will be faster & there will be less scrutinzation from USCIS. But as i see that getting such American company is taking time. Also such American company says that we will start GC Processing after 1 Yr. As i see that i am reaching towards 6th Yr of H1B, some of my friends suggested that i should start GC Soon, i should Not wait for such American company, otherwise it will be TOO Late. Q-1 So can you guys give me some advice about this...!!! Shall i wait for some more time....Or Shall i start my GC with current Indian Consultancy. Q-2 Now assume that i start GC process with current Indian Consultancy. So when i reach end of 6th Yr of H1B, what factors will allow me to stay & work in USA. I mean what stages of GC process should have been completed. To Site Admin- I apologize upfront, if i have posted this message in wrong section. Please move message to proper section. Thank you in advance. Thx Ram
  13. Hi Guys, My I-94 is expiring (MAR-2011) because of Passport expiring. I renewed passport, so now i need to renew I-94. In below forums i found that I-94 extension at Tijuana border is very easy. http://murthyforum.atinfopop.com/4/OpenTopic?a=tpc&s=1024039761&f=7414019812&m=2351038981 So i was planning to go. But today i saw this forum(go to down/last message)...Someone says "now a days in Mexico and Canada they are not issuing a new i-94" http://murthyforum.atinfopop.com/4/OpenTopic?a=tpc&s=1024039761&f=7414019812&m=7711060612 So is it that I-94 extension at Tijuana border has stopped/changed. Is it true ? If anyone knows or has any info about that then please..please..please share here. I am planning to visit this place soon, so i want to make sure that i will not get stuck. Guys...PLEASE SHARE YOUR RECENT EXPERIENCES... Also i would curious to know that if I do not get new I-94, then can i enter-back to USA from Tijuana border ?? Please reply me quickly. Thanks Rambabu