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  1. Hello, I am currently residing in Canada with a job offer/approved H1 from an end client. Meanwhile, I also received my H1 extension from my old employer While I am still deciding on new vs old job, is it advisable to submit separate DS160 and block stamping appointments on behalf of both companies? Once I decide on the job, I will be canceling the other appointment. Please let me know if any issues with blocking two appointments Thanks, Kumar
  2. Hello, Appreciate if you can help answer below query I am employed with an Indian consulting company and working for a direct client. Last year my H1B extension got denied and ended up moving to Canada on a work permit (through the same company). I have an approved 140 and my company is getting ready to file for new H1 (outside quota using my approved 140) Meanwhile, I got another offer as well and they are willing to file for my H1 Question : Is it allowed to file for two H1s at the same time? Will there be any issues in the process? Please advise Thanks
  3. @Belle - My original intention was not to quit immediately (working with same employer for past 8 years) Does moving to new employer before getting GC (by completing AC21) will raise any RFE's? If that's the case, I prefer to stay with current employer than taking a risk
  4. Thanks folks for the reply... @Belle - Are you suggesting waiting for GC is a terrible idea? Any specific reasons?
  5. Friends, Need some advise here... I filed 485 through Company A in Dec 2011 and my PD will be be current as per Aug 2013 visa bulletin (EB2I). I recently signed a job offer with Client and about to start H1B Transfer/AC 21 process next week I see below options for myself but need some advise 1. Wait to get GC in August 2013 (hopefully) and then join the Client 2. Proceed with H1 transfer /AC21 and join Client ( I can do this only if there will not be any issue with my 485). Not sure if this will raise any RFE's etc Appreciate your response Thanks
  6. Hello experts, My uncle got GC (Family based) through her sister. He came to USA last September and left within a month He is planning to come back in Dec 2011. Will he run into any issues at POE for not being in USA for last 1 year ? He could not come due to some genuine reasons ( take care of wife,in-laws etc) Please help Thanks
  7. Hello friends, Please suggest on my situation I have a approved 140 from Company A with PD of Dec 2007 I changed job this year and with new company, I have approved labor May 2011 and filed for I 140 requesting for porting previous PD My 140 receipt still shows PD as May 2011 and not Dec 2007. Will PD portability happens only on 140 approval? Will I be eligible for concurrent filing next month? Is it better to change 140 to premium processing to get decision by next month? Thanks
  8. nandkri

    H4 Start date

    Hello, I filed for my wife H4 on Dec 13 and we got a receipt within five days. She was on H1 at that time and quit her job. Her employment terminated as of Dec 27,2010 We got the approval recently and her H4 start date is Jan 25,2011. Is she out of status between Dec 27- Jan 25? Will it be a problem in the future? Please let me know Thanks