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  1. Hi All, I am seeking your expert opinion on my unique situation. Currently I am an H1B employee of a Company in US. I travel back to India in August 2017 for a vacation. Then the stay got extended up to now, May 2018, due to personal and work/official reasons. During this time I remained an employee of the same Company receiving regular salary. I have my 2017-18 W2 and pay slip throughout this time . Now, due to changes in Org/Project I need to travel back to US in June 2018. Note that my visa is stamped till Oct 2018. As you can guess, I am a bit concerned about travelling back after staying out of the country for so long. 1. Can there be any issues at the Port of Entry? I mean from a technical / legal perspective. 2. Should I carry any special documentation from my company? I will be carrying offer/promotion letter, payslips, W2 and client letter. 3. Is there anything that I should be concerned about or prepare for? Regards COP
  2. ChangeOfPlan

    Time taken for LCA approval

    Interesting info: 68. Q: What is LCA? What’s the difference between LCA and LC (PERM)? A: LCA stands for Labor Condition Application, which is part of an H-1B non-immigrant visa application process. LCA is filed with the US Department of Labor and it contains a series of attestations including, among others, an agreement to pay H-1B employees at least the "prevailing wage" for the offered position. In most cases, an LCA may be filed online and approval will be received within minutes. PERM stands for “Program Electronic Review Management process”, and it is a process for applying for US permanent residency (Green Card). PERM is an entirely new procedure for the Labor Certification Application. In brief, the PERM process requires the petitioning employer to conduct a series of recruitment activities to test the job market before filing the application. If no qualified and willing applicant (US citizen or Permanent Resident) is found through the recruitment process, the employer can submit the PERM Labor Certification. In most situations, the recruitment and application processes take around 5-6 months. Also, it should be noted that the bar for applying for LCA is much lower than that of the PERM Labor Certification. Please refer to our PERM and LCA sections respectively for more detailed information. source: http://www.******************* Thoughts?
  3. ChangeOfPlan

    Time taken for LCA approval

    Thanks everyone. I hope mine gets approved soon just like dreams11 has said.
  4. ChangeOfPlan

    H1 Transfer to employer B after resigning from employer A

    Thank you Chitown01. Company 1 applied for the extension as Regular. So, I guess approval is going to take 2-3months at the least. Company 2 has filed for the LCA on Jan30. I have urged them to get the H1 petition ready so that they can immediately file when LCA gets approved. If it happens before the I94 gets expired (hopefully), do they still have to file using the latest Receipt No?
  5. ChangeOfPlan

    H1 Transfer to employer B after resigning from employer A

    Hi Chitown01, My case is also very similar to that of Usa2007. Currently, I am with Company1 and my current Visa/I94 with expires on Feb 9. Company1 has applied for my extension and I have received the Petition Receipt. I got an offer from Company2 and they have filed the LCA today (Jan 30). They have all the required docs and so they will apply for the H1B on premium the day LCA is approved. If all goes well, do you think the LCA can get approved and H1 applied before I94 expires i.e. Feb 9? If LCA gets approved a bit late, can Company2 still apply for my H1 using the extension petition receipt by Company1? You have mentioned this in one of the above post. If you can please confirm again? Really appreciate your help. Hi Usa2007, Can you please share the time line of when your transfer process started and when it got approved?
  6. ChangeOfPlan

    Time taken for LCA approval

    Hello, I was looking for info regarding the max no of days it can take for an LCA (for H1B) to get approved. I found no concrete info anywhere. Is there anything like the maximum no of days before which DOL has to approve/respond to an LCA? If there is no such rule, what is the general time frame for the LCA approval. Thanks in advance.
  7. ChangeOfPlan

    H4 visa for non Indian citizen

    Hi, I am an Indian citizen but my fiancée is a Nepali citizen and has a Nepali passport. We’ll be getting married next month. My company is applying for my H1B visa and is getting processed right now. If I get H1B visa, I’ll be travelling to US shortly after the marriage. We are planning to travel together. Can my wife apply for the spouse (H4) visa with her Nepali passport? Will it be any different if she applies for a B2 visa (I already have a B1 visa and will travel on B1 if I don't get H1)? If she cannot, what needs to be done to get her visa? Does she have to apply at the American consulate in Nepal? Please let me know what the available options are. A little background about her: She was born in Nepal and is a Nepali citizen. But she has been staying in India for the past 6 and a half years. She did her college in India and is presently looking for a job. She even has a SBI bank account and driving license of India. However, she does not have any formal/legal document/visa for staying in India since it is was never required till now. Any help is much appreciate