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  1. HI, We received a letter today from the USCIS Field office which asks the beneficiary (my mother) to appear at the local USCIS field office. I am curious to know if the attached letter is the same format as an Interview Letter that is sent? If not, anyone else who has received such a letter and what was the outcome? P.S :- Letter has been edited to remove the Name and other personal identifying information. Appreciate any and all inputs on this. USCIS Field Office Letter.pdf
  2. Hi, I had recently applied for ACA for my mother who entered the US on a B visa back in September 2017 and is currently here with a concurrent filed i130 and I485 application and is pending AOS.(Application filed feb 2018) We are in California and Covered California(CC) cancelled the policy after a month saying that a pending i485 does not qualify her for enrollment in ACA. My enrollment agent then sent them the advance parole document and for some reason the folks at CC accepted that as proof and in their notes they wrote 'Paroled into the United States for one year or more’ So my questions are :- 1) Is a pending I485 not considered as lawfully present for ACA purposes? 2) Does having an advance Parole actually mean that the person is Paroled into the US or do they have to first leave the country and return to qualify for Parole status? 3) Does having an EAD with a pending I485 qualify someone for ACA?  Looking at the covered California site which lists the immigration statuses that are eligible, section 22 at the link below clearly indicates that pending AOS is eligible but perhaps someone here with more information can advise on the exact documentation required as per section 22 for the link below.  https://www.coveredca.com/documents-to-confirm-eligibility/proof-of-immigration-status-or-lawful-presence/ Appreciate your inputs.