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  1. t75

    H4 based Work Permit

    This is a proposal that has not been enacted. Do you realize that you will be competing with an estimated 100,000 people for a job if this goes through as proposed. If you has the skills most likely to be hired, you would have an H1B already.
  2. Visas are only for entry. You need to learn proper terminology or you will get yourself into trouble.
  3. You pay PP fee closer to time you want H1B
  4. Verify with the employer that his attorney has filed any required documents. If they have not followed through, look for an employer who will follow the rules. It is a lot easier to take advantage of an individual than violate US laws; you will be at risk.
  5. What does the attorney say? For very case specific questions, a forum is not a reliable source of information. It is better to give no advice than wrong advice.
  6. t75

    L1B Status going to expire in Jan-2016

    Exit US for a year and return in new H1B quota or L1B
  7. Only your company's attorney can give you a reliable answer.
  8. No. Once you enter the US, your time outside the US would need to restart at 0 days. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS IN US IMMIGRATION. Expect to play be the rules that apply to everyone -including you.
  9. This looks like an attempt at fraud since they are essentially the same company. I hope they used a reputable legal firm to do the filings.
  10. t75

    L1 to F1 COS

    This is an odd start date. Is this a legitimate university?
  11. Use the family member with whom you stay when home.
  12. You always should keep your records current. Your current OPT status requires that you report to DSO any change. Whether new LCA is required depends on specific locations; in some circumstances a new one would not be required. The attorney for employer will file if required. They have plenty of time if it is needed.
  13. There are many unemployed and qualified US workers in your field.
  14. t75

    Applying for F2 - 2014 H1 didn't get picked

    Asking what is the best lie to tell is inappropriate on a legal forum. The only answer to a question from US immigration officialss is the truth.
  15. t75

    PERM audited 7th year extension questions

    You have over a year to the H1B expiration. Much can happen in that time. Patience!