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  1. H1_LCA_Time

    Citizenship Interview - Decision Not Yet Made Status

    Many thanks JoeF. I was a bit concerned because of how the IO conducted the interview. My wife received her oath ceremony appointment. I will keep you all posted on my status - as of now, no news.
  2. H1_LCA_Time

    Citizenship Interview - Decision Not Yet Made Status

    Many thanks my2239. this is very helpful
  3. Hello, I thought I would start a thread for those with a Decision Not Yet Made status after their Citizenship interview. My citizenship interview was on April 18. My GC is employment based. Both my wife and I interviewed same day. My wife's interview went without issues. She got a friendly officer and she was told her n-400 was approved and we saw the USCIS status online changed to approved and that she will hear about oath ceremony info. My interview resulted in a Decision not yet made. The officer was quite reserved and seemed a bit unfriendly/stern. He asked for my GC, drivers license, passport, appt letter. He looked at my passport and asked for my old ones. I stated I did not bring it as they expired. He stated, how am I to verify if you didnt travel outside the country for more than 6 months to a year. I wasn't sure how to answer. I weakly stated that I think all my travel is in there. In actuality, I received my new passport two years before my green card. So it had all 5 years of travel during the time I had my Green Card. All the other questions I was able to answer without issues. I passed my Civics/English test. After he handed me the Decision not yet made letter, I asked him whats the next step in the process. He stated, you have to wait and i will hear in 6 weeks or so. He also said something about going through the application with a fine tooth comb as this is a naturalization application. I did have 12+ trips abroad in the 5 years I had the GC. most of them were for business and lasting about a week each. The officer asked for no other docs. If folks have a Decision not yet made status where the officer was non-committal about approval, would be great to hear your experience and what the outcome was? Other comments welcome as well
  4. H1_LCA_Time

    August PERM application status

    I went through the link that Rajaxyz provided. Looks like random audits occur approx. 60 days after date of PERM application. Also noticed that most folks get approval within 70-75 days (about 10 days more than folks from June/July). I am at about 86 days... Going back to July and before - most cases seem resolved one way or the other within about 90 days. Hoping to hear soon...
  5. H1_LCA_Time

    August PERM application status

    Many thanks Rajaxyz for the link. I have no idea on your q.
  6. H1_LCA_Time

    August PERM application status

    Hello I see that a few folks have received information about their PERM application from August. Wanted to know if there are folks like me who are awaiting word. I applied on Aug 2