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  1. Hi all, My Parents Visitor visa is getting expired in their passport this year in September 2018 , they are planning to visit us in april 2018 and will go back in july 2018. Question : is it better to apply for visa renewal before they travel in April or to apply after they go back in july ? any idea can they do drop box since their visa is not expired or they have to go for interview ? when my parents got initial visa for 10 years , my dad was working for GOVT firm and now he is retired and working for a private firm does it really matter ? and also if anybody has gone through renewal process , can they please share the required documents . Appreciate your help and TIA
  2. srinu5526

    vsa stamping in matamoros

    Hi , even I am planning but its next month, please share your experience . thank you
  3. Thank you for detailed post . Just had a quick .. any issues going with EVC or EVVC model ? have letters from all vendors and client
  4. Hi Friends, I have one question, does DOL process PERM Audit cases by the date when we replied to the Audit or the actual priority Date ? currently I see DOL timeline for Audit cases as Nov / Dec 2013 Audit cases. What do they mean ..? do they mean priority date or they mean they are processing the cases which were replied in those months .. ? Appreciate your help guys.
  5. Bro Chill don't worry I was in your position.I got mine stamped recently they are more concerned about u r current status not u r OPT. First thing they won't go till 2009 and ask you what u were doing at that time. If they ask just say with whom u were working at that time that's it ... don't say that u were on unpaid training or anything ...if they ask specifically to show W2 or pay-stubs for year 2009 ( i guess u won't be having any pay-stubs since u didn't work)than u r answer should be that u were on unpaid training and get prepared with some supporting answer saying that u were trained for some certifications and was getting prepared for the project work and if possible take some letter saying that u successfully completed the training in the technology that you are working currently as you were on Optional Practical training. Be confident with current status that is u r H1 docs and answers. Don't think much about your past status. Just be prepared that's it with appropriate answer if they ask ...and b confident. Good Luck bro...
  6. Thanks njvisastamp for your quick reply. If possible can you please provide your colleague contact details. u can mail it to sami.mathi at gmail dot com thank you srini
  7. Hi Frnds , I need one help, one of my friend is planning to go for his H1B Visa Extension. Question : He was before in Kuwait when he got his first H1B approved and got stamped in Kuwait. Now he is planning to go for his H1B extension to Vancouver@ Canada. Will thier be any problem ? since he never got it stamped from home country( INDIA) . whether he is eligible to go to Canada for his stamping ? Appreciate your help. Thanks in advance Srini
  8. Hi Jay, don't worry you can just update new DS160 in CSC site ..it gets updated with your new DS160 by the way I expect that u didn't sign and submit your OLD DS160.on DS160 Site.
  9. srinu5526

    DS 160 "Previously Employed" question

    hi HIren , I was in the same situation as you are.. Before going for my VISA I checked with my employer same question, he said to put it in DS160 and don't worry about it. VO will be more concerned about your current I797( H1 status ) not your OPT. but i was not asked anything about my previous employer in my visa interview and i got approved so it was ok for me. Anywaz in my case when i was with my opt employer, i did few Microsoft certifications so i prepared myself like this. "I worked as an intern; I was trained in Microsoft technologies, preparing for certification and learning about Software Development Life cycle and implementing/support other developers on a needed basis" however Answer may differ in your case, i thought to say something which supports my job responsibilities . Hope this helps you. Good Luck thanks Srini
  10. srinu5526

    Dec 20th H1B Visa Approved @ Vancouver

    hi Ram, Yesterday I got email from loomis that "Your passport has been picked up from the Consular Section and within the next few days you will be able to pick it " . I think it should be ready for pick up by monday. and another room mate also got same email, he had interview on same day as of mine ... so hoping to pick up it up on monday.
  11. Hi Frnds First n foremost I am very thankful to all of you guys, who helped me by answering my queries. I really appreciate your help guys and thank you Murthy Forum to provide such a wonderful platform to share our experiences. Ok Lets move to actual interview process. I won't repeat the process which goes before u attend u r interview. If any of you guys are planning somewhere next week @ Vancouver, get ur raincoats, umbrella and a good jacket. Ok lets start I gave my DS160,passport and I797 to VO VO: You work with XXXX ( Employer) ? Me : Yes VO : how long you have been with them ? Me :Since XX (month) YYYY ( year) VO : What do you do ? Me : I work as Systems Analyst VO: Do have any End Client .? Me Yes VO : who is the End Client ? Me : Client Name VO which Department you work for ? ( As I am on state Project) Me : Told the Department name VO: Since how long you have been with u r endclient ? Me : XX months VO : Just XX months ...? Where were you before ? where is that located ? Me : I was with other client, told client name , told the location address. VO: How long did it take to move from previous location to current ? Did your employer for relocation ? Me : I took flight, it was 6hrs flight and yes my employer paid for my relocation VO: was thier any gaps between your client change ? Me :NO VO : What did you with all your stuff while moving to new location ? ( Didn't expect this ) I didn't understand his question. I though he was asking about what did I do at my previous client. I started telling him my roles and responsibilities and than he said VO : NO NO i am not asking about u r responsibilities. I am asking about ur luggage ( he smiled ) Me : Smiled Back and replied as below : I shipped some stuff through USPS and some i got it along with me and some I left at GoodWill VO: how much your paid ? was their any change in your pay when u changed ur client ? ME : YYYY K/ann , NO VO: Did you study in US ? what did u study ? which university ? Me : Yes , Masters in computer science, university Name He was typing something for few minutes ..than comes the golden words Your Visa approved you can collect it in 3-4 business days Me : Thank you, have a good one . Kept my passport and I797. Guys though he asked me above all questions, he didn't ask me any single document to show. I didn't open my bag... I took whole bunch of documents as we never know.He was cool, the only thing you need to be is confident and answer point to point . Frnds, as per my experience and other people who were getting interviewed for H1B before me were asked all normal questions and were given visa. Nearly 8 people got approved before me. So Need not worry, they are approving @ good rate . Prepare well,get all the documents n you are good. I wish all the people who have their visa appointment in coming days a good Luck. Once again I thank you all. will be waiting for my passport. Please let me know if you need any kind of help.I will be around. Thank you Srini
  12. srinu5526

    Booking a visa slot before H1B amendment

    Hi Their, I was in the same situation as you are. I booked my appointment with old receipt number and yes, when we file for amendment we get a new receipt number which can be updated later. You can go ahead and book appointment with your current receipt number. Thanks srini
  13. srinu5526

    Successful Visa on Nov 19 @ Vancouver

    hi trvin, congrats on your visa. I have few questions with DS 160 form and some documents which i need to take from my employer. If possible can you please share your email id. Really appreciate your help . thanks Srini
  14. srinu5526

    2 i797 forms, Can i go for stamping ?

    Hi Vijay, I am in the same situation, my intial H1 was until Sep 30 2013, recently I had my amendment done.They approved my recent application starting Nov 03 2012 to Nov 02 2015. My Employer suggested me to carry both, but show most recent one to VO. Incase he asks any further question you can say that u applied for extension or amendment and they approved until 2015 and show your old I797 as proof for what you said. In your above post you said time duration on your current latest I797 as validity form 04/01/2012 to 05/15/2015. but later you said the validity starts from 04/01/2013, i don't think it will be from 04/01/2013, could you please check one more time in your I797 that when it starts from. In summary as per my employer carry both and present latest one.
  15. Thanks Mkk08 for quick reply, but my employer3 is suggesting to mention. He says Why you want to leave a gap their. .when he want some info about of year 0Y .It will be present already in DS160, by not mentioning u will be in further danger. creating another confusion...I am confused now :( What shall i do ...frnds?