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  1. guptaamits

    Visitor visa For Housewarming and Puja??

    Thanks a lot everybody!!!
  2. Hello Everybody, My parents are rejected for tourist visa twice in last 10 years. This will be there third attempt in coming days. I will be sponsoring their tourist visa but I was wondering what are the other valid reasons for visitor visa? I am preparing invitation letter for them. I have put usual reasons like inviting USA to tour around site-seeing places and stay at my home. We are also planning Sataynarayan puja and house warming party during there visit. Is that a valid reason to include in invitation letter? I bought condo last year in June but I am organizing house warming party late August this year. What documents should I provide if I include puja and house warming party in my invitation letter? I appreciate your prompt response.
  3. guptaamits

    How to Inform USCIS About Divorce

    Thanks so much Belle and pontevecchio!!!
  4. Hello Folks, I am on H1B and AOS. I got divorce last year and I am planning for remarriage this year. My ex-wife was on AOS as well but she has abandon the AOS status since she did not come back from india and it has been more than 2 years. How do I inform USCIS about my divorcee? My ex-wife came with me on H4 visa and then we got on AOS. How do I go about informing US consulate about divorce so that when I re-marry and apply H4 visa for my wife there is not an issue on getting H4 visa? I got divorcee decree from India. Do I need any other kind of documentation to prove my divorcee? Thanks, Amgu