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  1. chennai_221g

    H1B petition withdraw- applying B2 visa.

    Any input from moderator or expert?
  2. I planning to withdraw/cancel my H1-B visa, which been in administrative process (221-g) for more than 7 months. I tried through senators and lawyers, getting same reply, my case can't expediate and its in mandatory administrative process. For my personal reason, planning to settle down in Inida. Same time I need clean exist from US, for that I'm planning to apply tourist visa (B2). Could you please let me know your views and any withdraw sample document is available. Expect or Moderator please help me, how to cancel my H1-B and get Tourst visa (B2).
  3. chennai_221g

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    Please read this topic:
  4. Yes I went to Chennai only. But my case is pending with DOS, there is no time limit for security verification. US Embassy holding my passport for more than 4 months, without any update. I don't think Chennai is faster than Hyd. One of my friend attended interview in Hyd, but his case is finished within 90 days.
  5. We also get the same message. Did anyone tried through lawyer? If lawyer sent an email, whether our case can be expedite?
  6. Thanks for sharing helpful information. I am stuck for 4 months due to security check. Now my case is pending with DOS.
  7. I had interview on Aug-2011 at Chennai Consulate, I got Green & Pink slips. In Green slip, they asked about my petition, I-797 form, W2 statements, Bank Statements and Payroll for 2011. In my Pink slip, they mentioned my case number. Still now US Embassy hold my passport for further verification. On the same Interview date, I submit all my original documents to VFS. Within two weeks, VFS returned all my original documents. From beginning, VFS/US Chennai embassy giving status like, my visa is pending with Department of State for Security reason. Even my company CIO sent email to US embassy, they gave same status. Could you please let me if I proceed with Lawyer, whether we can expedite my visa case from Department of State. Your advice is really appreciated. Please respond your view. Note: I called DOS, they are also updating the same status.
  8. chennai_221g

    221g pink september 2011 tracker

    I gave interview on Aug-5th at Chennai consulate. I got Pink slip and green slip for 221-g. After interview within two weeks, they return all my original documents. My case is still pending with Department of State for long period. Really don't know when they are going to approve.
  9. Please don't come, situation is very bad. I am waiting for 5 months, no idea, whether US consulate going to expedite the process. I am FTE, working in healthcare industry at Atlanta. It would be good if you postponed your trip. You can save you job.
  10. After submitting my documents, within two weeks, I got blue color form to submit my passport. I am FTE, they didn't ask anything like client letter etc..
  11. @rasheed1011 I got blue color form from VFS (on 21-Aug), asked me to submit my passport. On same time they returned all my original documents which I submitted on interview date for 221-g. I am a FTE.
  12. @rasheed1011 I saw your topic today only. I am in same situation. I gave interview on 5-Aug-2011, within two weeks, they asked to submit my passport. Still now there is no update from US consulate. Called VFS, DOS several times, no use..
  13. chennai_221g

    Stamping Issues for FTEs?

    @ajexpert Yes they asked last 3 years of my w2 forms Yes they asked LCA I don't know why I got 221g, as I told earlier I had all documents on interview time.
  14. chennai_221g

    Stamping Issues for FTEs?

    Sorry for late reply. I did MCA, having 11+ years of IT experiences. Still another two years left in my H1b Visa.
  15. chennai_221g

    h1B renewal in india - plz help

    Same Question I asked to VFS, they told it should be NO. Instead of posting here, please ask VFS directly.