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  1. rajiv460

    H1/H4/H4EAD with travel

    Hello I am confused as to an upcoming travel with my H1/H4/H4 EAD extension during the same time. Here is my situation. We both have valid stamping until April 2022. We are planning to apply H1/H4/H4EAD extensions in October but we need to leave to India in Nov. Plan is to return in January. I am planning to have my H1 extension in PP so I will get the new I-797 in hand before I leave. If we both get stamping date Before we return , it fine else we would like to return in Jan 2nd week (Before our VISA expires) with new valid I-797(until Apr 2025). In this case what would happen to my wife H4/H4 EAD. Wouldn’t her H4 be extended at port of entry until April 2025? I see some say h4 extension would be abandoned and she might not get new I-94 at POE using the new I-94? Pls help in clarifying this Thanks
  2. rajiv460

    DS-160 Social Media

    HiI am going for H1b stamping and I need to give linked in account for DS-160. I have been contracting for a firm and worked at various client locations. I have the client locations listed out on linked in but not my actual employer name.Should I change them to match my employer name in Linkedin? Is it going to be a problem for my interview?
  3. rajiv460

    H4 EAD Extension with withdrawn i-140

    HI I have an approved I-140 (approved in Feb 2016) with my previous employer. I stayed with them till Apr 2019(more than 180 days after 140 approval) when I changed to a new employer. So my old employer cannot revoke my 140 and I can use it for multiple H1B extensions and port that date. looks like my employer withdrew my 140 and this is the status/"Petition Withdrawn/Over 180 Days/Not Automatically Revoked" However, My wife has a H4 EAD till Feb 2021. If we wanted to renew her EAD for additional 3 years, Can the withdrawn petition be used for extending her EAD or should I have a new 140 from my new employer? Please let me know.
  4. Hey Guys similar situation. i was earning aroud 82k but for my H1 extension early last year(around May) employer applied LCA for 90k. My renewal was approved in May. So this new 90k should start from May? I am asking this because, even though my employer recenlty started paying 90k (From October), my w2 for 2018 show 85k which is less than LCA, I am confused as to which is correct?
  5. rajiv460

    LCA Amount Changed

    my employer wants to run the last paycheck of 2018 to cover the missign amount? How can we justify this in my visa interview?
  6. rajiv460

    LCA Amount Changed

    Thank you for the reply. I talked to my employer and looks like90k was mentioned in the i129 not on the lca. Is proposed wages on 129 important like the wage in kca
  7. rajiv460

    LCA Amount Changed

    Hi My old LCA had 83k as the wage and I was being paid sufficiently but I had to apply for H1 renewal in April 2018 when my employer put 90k as my LCA wage and my H1 renewal got approved in June. I am planning on going for stamping in India in Feb and when I verified my total pay of last year it came upto 85k. There is a 5K gap but this new LCA wouldnt kick off until April 2018. Is this something I can justify to the consulate? Thanks
  8. rajiv460

    Question about booking h1 and h4 together

    thank you for the reply. I confirmed the slot. and now when i check the appointment history, it show both our name under H1B visa(instead of showing my name for h1 and my wifes for h4). It never gave me an option to mention my wife is coming for a h4 visa while booking the slot. Is this ok? While filling her DS160 i would mention she is coming for a h4 visa but while booking the slot it doesnt give me that option
  9. Have my wedding in Nov. So planning to book visa stamp slot together for me and my wife. So while entering the details, After I enter my personal details, it says in the next page "Please click “Add by Name” or "Add Existing Applicant" if you have a group/family member (including a child) who needs to apply for a visa with you." so I just added my fiances details in there. is that good? It doesnt really ask which visa she is applying for? Is it implied that she would be coming for h4 visa stamping? Or do I have to book a completely different visa for her? Please help
  10. Hi I went for my first H1 b stamping to Vancouver Canada. I recently got my h1 extended and my first visa expired .Can I still go to Vancouver for my second stamping too? Or should I go to India only? Thanks *****
  11. rajiv460

    i-94 Online vs i797

    Thanks for the response guys
  12. rajiv460

    i-94 Online vs i797

    Hi Here is my situation. On first h1 b Returned from India in feb 2014 and my i94 was given till feb 2016. I hahave h1b stamped till March 2016. I applied for H1b extension in feb 2016 and got it approved on the same i94 number till oct 2018. I now also have a new passport as i applied for passport extension too. Online i94 still shows the date with my old passport Feb 2016 while my h1b extended i94 shows oct 2018. Just worried if I am out of status. Not sure which one to look at. Please help.
  13. rajiv460

    Go for Stamping before H1B extension starts?

    Thanks for the reply guys ... i actually did an amendmemt + extension so i got a new I 797 starting from sept 2015 to july 2018,. Do i still need to take both I797s?
  14. Hi I have a valid H1b visa stamping till Feb 2016. I applied for extension and got it approved till July 2018. Now if want to go for my stamping, should I wait till my current visa expires in feb 2016 or can I go early i.e. around January 2016 as I have a plan to go to india? If I go early, will i be given visa till the end of July 2018?
  15. rajiv460

    I-94 validity date corection

    Even though my I-94 is valid till June 2016?? WOuld i have to go out of country before Feb 2016?