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  1. kalyan797

    H1B Amendment Denial

    What was the reason for denial ? I think you will have grace period (Maybe 60 days) before you have to leave. If you have strong supporting documents you can reapply.
  2. Hello Members, I have been working on H1b since 14 years as a consultant. My Project with Client A was over and I got a new project with client B. After my employer applied for new LCA with new client location for amendment purpose 4 days ago. Today I got a call from Client A to come back and join. If I go back to client A I would not need an amendment because vendor and everything else remains same and have one more year on my H1b. SO as my employer already applied for LCA can he take it back or cancel it? Please help me if anyone has seen or gone thru such situation.
  3. kalyan797

    H1B renewal issue

    Please specify, for what purpose are you asking? Are you asking if you need to have original I-797 approval notice for Visa stamping?
  4. kalyan797

    Drop Box H1B Visa stamping.

    Thank you for your response. Yes my last Visa stamp was in India without any 221G, My current Visa is valid till November 23rd 2016 and I will be reaching India on November 30th 2016.
  5. kalyan797

    Drop Box H1B Visa stamping.

    Hello Members I have to get stamping done for my 4th H1B extension along with my wife's H4 stamping. I applied for green card in 2010, have an approved i-140. My employer has been the same from past 10 years, but new client in EVC model. AM I eligible for drop box at Hyderabad US consulate India? Please give your valuable inputs. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Irarum, could you please specify what do you mean when you say "moving interview date to December to meet 90 day rule" I need to get My H1B stamping done too very soon so please clarify. Thanks in advance.
  7. kalyan797

    H1B Stamping Hyderabad, India.

    Thank you for your responses Yes, I will write about my Visa experience in Hyderabad once I get through my stamping. Can anybody please give some info on H1B visa stamping appointments/dates availability at Hyderabad US Consulate.
  8. I got my 4th Visa extension approved yesterday (have an approved I-140) I need to travel to Hyderabad this month. My employer suggested that I need to wait for 1 or 2 months before going for Visa stamping because sometimes documents will not be updated in Kentucky Consular Center(PIMS verification) and some applicants might get 221-G as updated documents don't reflect in system of consular officer. But i cannot wait that long because I need visit my family this month. Please suggest if anybody has got successful Visa stamping done at Hyderabad within 4 weeks of Visa H1B Visa extension approval? How long should I wait before going for Visa stamping after getting my visa approval? Thanks in advance, kalyan.
  9. kalyan797

    H1B stamping experience on Oct 31st 2016 in Hyderabad

    Thank you for the Post, @ Ajaykumar. I got my 4th H1B extension approved yesterday. I need to travel to India Hyderabad this month. My employer suggested me to wait for 1 or 2 months before going for stamping, so that Kentucky database is updated with my case (PIMS verification) just in case its not updated there is a risk of getting 221G. How long did you wait after getting visa before going for stamping?
  10. I mean, what is the time gap between Visa extension approval and visa stamping appointment?
  11. How many days did you wait after you H1B extension was approved?
  12. kalyan797

    Current Open Dates in Hyderabad ??

    I also need the same information, pls help.
  13. kalyan797

    urgent pls help (DS-160)

    I forgot to mention my intermediate education details in DS 160 form. Only entered bachelors and masters details and submitted the form. 1. Are +1 and +2 education details important, are VO's Hyderabad consulate particular about it? 2. If i fill a new DS 160 form, do I have to refill my wife's(H4) form too? I filled her form after submitting mine using the add family button. 3. If I fill a new form what will happen to the old one? 4. I got my I-140, so what should be the answer for " has anybody filed an immigration petition on your behalf?" on my wife's (H4) ds-160? please reply if possible. Thanks in advance.
  14. kalyan797

    My VISA Experience @ Vancouver Canada

    @mygcpcs1 Thank you for all the answers. just 1 more questions if you dont mind. Have you come across any couples H1B & H4 with successful stamping in Vancouver ?
  15. Can anybody who has already booked an appointment give me some info regarding dates availability in later part of November in Vancouver Canada for H1b stamping. Since the website does not show any available slots unless payment is made..... My Client needs to know my time frame of leave well in advance. pls help.