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  1. rasheed1011

    H1B EOS visa stamped for 5 years

    It should not be a problem. My wife got 5 yrs h1b stamped in Ottawa in 2006... It should have been till 2009 but she got it stamped till 2011 and she used it till 2011 too with valid h1b renewal approval while traveling .
  2. rasheed1011

    Anyone waiting for passport from Hyd Consulate

    @H1bvisaprocessHyd Dont worry hopefully everything will be fine.. I have had similar situation before. I was asked to submit passport and then later I was sent questionnaire to fill and email. Thankfully everything turned out good but a little delayed. I got my passport after 3 months with Visa stamped. I am back in USA.
  3. @rkmst, Can u share Ur case details?
  4. Anybody sent 485 docs in april received receipt number ?
  5. @idreamoftheday congrats.
  6. I believe mine was security clearance... thats what they were waiting for and issued my visa the bext day once they received it.
  7. My advice will be talk tO your employer A and try to convince him that you will join him once u have GC in hand. This way u can continue to work on H1 with employer B instead of using EAD... This will ensure that u r in status in case God forbid Ur 485 is denied for any reasons. I am not sure if employer A can file for H1 transfer at yhis stafe since you got Ur EAD . May be experts can advice you better
  8. rasheed1011

    Need urgent help

    Belle, Thanks a lot for the advice. I appreciate your help. Thanks
  9. rasheed1011

    Need urgent help

    I would love to go with company B but it will take at least 6-8 months for I140 approval and it will be issue if dates retrogress. With company C icanapply for ammendment and 485 concurrently. That way even if dates retrogress I can have EAD in hand. Do u thing applying for fresh labor and porting priority date for 140 will take longer or amendment of i140 will take longer in normal circumstances.
  10. rasheed1011

    Need urgent help

    Hi, Here is my case. I was with company A for 3.6 yrs and they filed for my labor and got my I-140 approved with priority date in Nov 2007. Due to unavoidable circumstances I had to change my employer to Company B and I am still with Company B. during this course of time company A is acquired by Company C. Now the issue is... I have to make a decision , which way to go... 1. If I want to file my GC with Company B then it may take at least 6-8 months for labor to get approve and to port I-140 priority date and there are very good chances that priority date may not move till Nov 2007 for a long time. Which will further delay getting my GC. 2. Company C is ready to file for my I-485 as long as I am going to work for them once I have my GC approved. In this my question is, since the name of the company which filed for my labor and I-140 has changed from A to C due to acquisition.... Will they need to file amendment of I-140? If yes ... Then any idea how long will it take to get amended. Also can amendment of I-140 and filing of I-485 be done concurrently? Please advice which is better option that I can follow and why? Thanks
  11. rasheed1011

    Is Hyd Consulate stopped approving H1-B Visas?

    All, I am not sure about the issuance of visa directly at the time of interview but I have seen couple of people who were stuck in 221g blue for 3-6 months have been issued visa during last month of february. I am one of those who received their visa last month. I was issued visa almost after 5.5 months from the date of interview and now I am back in USA. It is really frustrating and mentally draining to wait without any update from consulate. Please be optimistic and pray for each other. Hopefully everybody waiting for their visa will hear the good news soon.
  12. rasheed1011

    2011 September & October 221g blue hyderabad Updates

    I received my passport with approved visa on Feb 27th ... took 6 months for the complete process... I am back in USA now. it seems case are moving at hyderabad consulate all the best to all waiting for reply... hope you all get positive reply soon.
  13. Got my passport last Wednesday ... Presently in USA
  14. Please provide Ur interview details.... Without that it is difficult to suggest
  15. rasheed1011

    Regarding H1stamping-selling liquor to underage person

    quick question..... r u allowed to work at liquor store while studying MS? check with attorney ; thats voilation there itself . it can be a major issue if you have to mention during interview or DS160 filling .... selling it to underage person is secondary issue.