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    Dec 15th H1b visa appointment new delhi

    How did you hear from them ? I was interviewed at Delhi Consulate on 21st Nov. The VFS sent me an email saying my passport in the transit. I dont know whether it is an approval or rejection. I dont have any emails from the consulate.
  2. Anyone can answer these quetions, help is really appreciated in these troubled times. :) 1. What is being done behind the scenes during 221g process? Is your whole file being sent back to DOS or file stays in the consulate ? Status updates on consulate websites do not give me any info. 2. How do you recognize that you have been selected for this dreaded process because of TAL, MANTIC or something else ? 3. Any one has recently been approved after 221g in new delhi ? Thanks.
  3. I dont know how much longer they are going to take. Its 4th week already. I have postponed my flight twice.
  4. Hello, I was interviewed at the new delhi consulate. The VO requested some docs from me, like CV, etc. I was asked to send an email to them. I did and I got an automated response indicating that they have received my email. Now the case status online on new delhi consulate website shows response date as "N/A" . Is this supposed to change? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the reply. They requested exactly the same docs and I responded on 22nd nov, by sending an email to them. Company attorneys were not involved. & my case has not changed status to response date. It still shows N/A. I dont know if they are supposed to change the response date after we/our attorney submit the docs requested.
  6. 13th Business day and overall 19 days completed. Still no answer from the consulate.
  7. Mine is a electronics/computer hardware company and MS was in electrical. I Have heard that TAL checks can take a while.
  8. Hi, I wanted to know what others are experiencing in ND consulate currently. Here are my details: Visa Interview : 21st November FTE employee from more than 3 years in a large >90k employee company. VO did ask me few questions for about two minutes: VO: where do you work in US? Ans: location. VO: how many years have you been with the company? Ans: 3+ years. VO: education? Ans: MS VO: Married? Ans: yes. VO: what does she do? Ans: Student VO: is she with you? Ans: NO, she is studying in xyz university in another state. After this reply, he quickly checked something on his screen and raised his eyebrows and asked me to proceed to counter no.xyz. @ that counter they gave me a pink slip with a list of questions that I need to answer in one email. They kept my passport and I797. The list of questions: 1. Resume. 2. Research & what research you did in india and how that is different to what you are going to do ( baseless question as I have nothing to do with any research ). 3. Travel dates. 4. who pays for your trip. 5. list names and dates of your visits to other countries in last 10 years. I submitted this questionnaire on 22nd Nov and basically waiting for their reply.