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  1. floatingsagar

    H1 Amendment Question

    Hello All, I am moving to a different Client with Same MSA and my company is saying we don't need to file an Amendment. There are no other changes with related to my Job Profile. Please let me know whether I need to do the H1 amendment?
  2. HI, My 6 year H1B ends in Feb 2012 . My company applied Perm in July 2011 and it is currently in Audit . I have 25 to 30 days of Vacation time spent abroad and my company is ready to recapture by applying H1b extension. I wanted to check with you guys whether this will have any impact on the GC process and the pending perm which is currently in audit ie, Out of status etc.. I really appreciate any response. Thanks
  3. floatingsagar

    H1b 6 year completion and return tickets

    Thanks for the info JoeF
  4. Hi, I am completing my 6 years H1b in 2 months and moving back to India. i wanted to check whether the employer is obligated to give return ticket to myself and dependents . Please let me know.
  5. Hi, My 6 years of H1b expires 20 Feb 2012 . my company filed perm on July 15,2011 and received a Audit now , its a Random audit . I have some 23 days to recapture from my last trip abroad. Please let me know what are my options for H1b Extension beyond 6 year . Thanks
  6. floatingsagar

    July PERM

    applied on July 14 EB 3 Category