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  1. the attorney office was contacted, we came to know neither the lawyer office nor the company received anything from uscis so far, lawyer mentioned this could be the case of random updates in uscis website, it always showed RFE status until it got changed in jan this year,though it was approved back in jan 2011, so the lawyer said not to over work out on this for now n will see if we get any communication from USCIS.
  2. you can tell that they responded to your resume on a job portal n when you liked the job, they requested that you transfer your h1b to work with them.
  3. isk007

    H1-B Transfer related

    better if you ask C to file through premium processing, incase the RFE for B results in revoke, before C's h1b is approved
  4. my h1b extension was filed in Dec 2010, got an RFE for E2E , company replied with details n the petition got approved in jan 2011, went for stamping in nov 2011 n visa approved. Back to jan 2013, in the second week got a txt message as i have subscribed to it, saying case is updated, i thought its just a problem with uscis website, after two weeks , got another txt message saying case is updated, i logged in this time n checked the site, it said something like this "notice of intention to revoke the decision" has been sent n should receive it in 14 days. My lawyer n company are yet to receive anything from uscis so far, meanwhile i filed for EAD in april 2012 n got approved in june 2012, so i have EAD as well as h1b with visa, i am wonderin in worst case scenario if the petition is revoked from the original date i.e march 2011, will that make me out of status as i filed my 485 in april 2012 n will that affect my pending 485 approval. Experienced people are requested to respond to this tricky situation.
  5. @Akansha n other ppl here the officer gave me the passport back, initially he kept it with him, but i asked if there is any timeframe for admin processing, then he said u have to be patient n i am giving u the passport incase you want to travel. i know atleast 5 ppl who got 221G on oct 17th & 18th.
  6. @CanStruck i spoke to one guy after interview who also got 221G n the officer mentioned to him that it will be 4 weeks max before it will be resolved, Also google for admin process + uscis, there its mentioned that all cases with admin process will be resolved within 60 days.
  7. Guys my visa is approved today and officer said everything looks fine,my admin process is completed n passport will be available for pickup in 2-3 days, my 2 cents here if you are in EVC model n have all the contracts from end-to-end, client letter with telephone numbers on it, pay stubs, i think they wont take longer for admin processing. my client didnt get any call. Anyway i wish good luck for rest of the 221g candidates at ottawa.
  8. To all of you asking for the interview process, the intention for this thread is not to explain this but to track the timelines in resolving other cases at ottawa, anyway im stating here, my interview was normal, asked for all the contract docs (EVC) and said admin processing. my advice is Ottawa consulate is no better than any indian consulate so its upto you ppl to make a decision, also please dont write back asking again about interview process :-)
  9. i attended the visa interview on oct 17th n got 221g admin processing, i have seen few other ppl as well with similar thing happening to them, so looking to track here to see the timelines in ottawa consulate. Interview date: Oct 17th 221G admin processing checked on blue form
  10. i went for interview yesterday for renewal visa at ottawa consulate n got 221G admin processsing (focus on end client verification), i have seen few other ppl also getting here, so please all of you post your experiences here n we cn track to see how long they will take to resolve admin processing.
  11. isk007

    Ottowa stamping Oct 17-21

    guys i have already booked my flight tickets coz i didnt get proper responses intime for carpooling, anyway i will send my email id , may we cn meetup in ottawa.
  12. isk007

    Ottowa stamping Oct 17-21

    i have appointment on 17th and planning to drive to nyc area on 16th, so let me know if this works for you, we cn do carpooling
  13. im planning to drive from nyc area for visa stamping on Oct 17th at ottawa,ON, and looking for anyone interested in giving my company.
  14. Has anyone attended Visa interview in Canada while working for a different client from the time of filing the h1b application.i have changed my client after approval but have LCA for new location, just wondering if amendment is mandatory?