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  1. Hello, I am an US citizen and I applied for my mom's green card in 2020. Her I-130 case got approved in March 2021. We have submitted all required documentation to NVC and currently waiting for immigrant visa interview in India. My mom is currently staying in India and has a valid B2 visa. Before her immigrant visa interview, can she visit the US with her existing B2 visa? Is it advisable and any risks with this visit. Appreciate if any guidance can be provided. Thanks, Andy
  2. I wanted to provide an update to my original post. I had my citizenship interview today. It went very well and I was approved. With regards to my traffic citations, I was only asked to provide documentation for the one citation that I had marked as "Pending" when filing the N-400. I got this citation dismissed in court several months back and made sure to take a certified disposition from the court for this case. The officer looked at the documentation and was satisfied and noted as "dismissed" on the N-400. Other than that I was not asked on any other documentation for the rest of the citations. Hope this helps.
  3. I mentioned all traffic tickets on my application form when filing it online.
  4. Appreciate if some guidance can be provided on my above question. Thank you.
  5. Thank you very much for the reply. One follow up question: Is it Ok if I indicate the current traffic citation as "In process" under the outcome column of Item 29 of the N-400 application?
  6. Hello, I plan to apply for citizenship next month and I had a couple of questions regarding traffic citation information that i have to provide on the N-400 form. Appreciate any advice/answers from members on the questions below. 1. I received a red light violation ticket in May 2018 and I will be fighting my traffic ticket in court but the hearing date is not until March 2019. Is it Ok if I indicate this ticket as "In process" under the outcome column of Item 29 of the N-400 application and take the final disposition to the interview? or do I need to have it settled (by paying fine ($200)) before I file my N-400? 2. I received traffic tickets back in 2005 and 2008, I paid the fines (both less than $500), but do not have final court disposition records. Will this be an issue? 3. Overall I have five total traffic tickets in the last 16 years as follows: March 2005 (Paid fine), August 2008 (Paid Fine), April 2016 (Dismissed), Jan 2018 (Dismissed), May 2018 (In process) - Basically 3 tickets in the last 5 years (out of which 2 is dismissed and 1 is in process with court date in March 2019) and 2 tickets (paid) from 10 and 13 years ago and none of them were DUI and were just regular speeding/red light violations. I have the disposition records for the dismissed tickets from 2016 and 2018. Will the number of tickets (five) be an issue during naturalization interview? Thanks in advance and appreciate the feedback.
  7. Due to business reasons, I have been told by my current company that Oct 21 will be my last date of employment. I am about to receive an offer from an other company and will be transferring my H1. However, there might be some delay in applying for H1 transfer due to background check and other formalities. I understand that if the H1 transfer is not initiated by Oct 21, I will fall out of status. However, in case the H1 transfer petition is sent to USCIS by Oct 21, will I still be in status? At this point I am not sure if the new company will be applying for H1 transfer through regular processing or premium processing. Also If I get the receipt notice after Oct 21, can I start working immediately? Appreciate your replies.
  8. One of my friends initial 3-yr H1B visa and I-94 is expiring on Sept 11, 2011. His company had already applied for extension in June and he also got the extension until Sep 10, 2014 with a new I-94 attached to the I-797 approval notice. Currently due to some issues within his company, he may have to resign and look for an other job (he already has some interviews lined up). There are some questions regarding his status as listed below: 1. In case if he has to resign within the next couple of weeks and since his initial I-94 is expiring on Sept 11, 2011, would he be acquiring unlawful status after this date? 2. Since his I-94 has already been extended by USCIS until Sep 10, 2014(during the approval of the extension of his H1B), will this help in preventing from going in to unlawful status? 3. In a worst case scenario, he will be applying for a change of status to B2 before the resignation. Would that keep his him lawful status even though his initial I-94 expires on Sep 10, 2011? I very much appreciate your reply on the above questions. Thanks, AV