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  1. rohit369

    H1b Visa stamping Process

    Check this website - http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/
  2. You can work for Company B until the petition gets approved and continue there on...
  3. Just filing is enough You don't have an option here. Just join whoever takes you in first so that you maintain the status. No, you can still continue working for Company B. You can have as many petitions as you wish from different companies. But you can work for only one company. You can continue working for company B and your Company C petition will still be valid until they revoke. I suggest, just settle down first. Join company B and get your paperwork in place. PP is open for all now. Ask company B to apply in PP and get the approval in 2 weeks. Then you can think about company C if its a good change and start the paperwork there.
  4. rohit369

    H4 EAD back to H1B with same employer

    Yes, you can change employers. Only your stay on H1 will be considered against the 6 years cap.
  5. rohit369

    H1B Visa Stamping

    I dont see any issues with your case. Carry all the previous petitions and offer letters. Carry all the current company docs like paystubs, offer letter, verification letter, I-140 etc.
  6. Check with your attorney.
  7. A better approach would be to take off from Company B, go to India, get a visa stamp using Company B petition, come back to the US, quit company B and join Company C. Your visa would anyways be valid for 3 years if your company B petition is valid for 3 years and you will have all the paperwork in place like paystubs, offer letter etc. from company B when you go for stamping.
  8. rohit369

    H4 VISA - Occupation on DS 160?

    Just mention others and explain what she exactly does as a freelancer.
  9. rohit369

    Clarification required on H4 extension

    Check with the new company's attorney. They should be able to answer this question correctly than relying on this forum.
  10. rohit369

    H4 to H1 COS

    It may affect if you get a new I-94 when you reenter because they would have provided your current I-94 when they apply for H1. Please check with your attorney before your trip.
  11. If you just leave the current application, there are high chances that you will get the petition only till Dec 2019. You will have to apply again after 6 months and it will again incur expenses. The best option would be to withdraw the current application immediately and reapply with the new SOW in PP. You will get the decision in 2 weeks.
  12. rohit369

    H1B, need info please

    Cap exempt. You can file anytime during the year. I suggest you join on H4-EAD and then apply for H1 from that company. That would simplify the paperwork.
  13. rohit369

    H1B Transfer in Premium?

    PP is open for all now. Wait for the approval before you quit your current job.
  14. Thats fine. There wont be any issues for this gap.