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  1. Yes. Move to H4 and enjoy life!
  2. How does this amount to fraud? When you are going for the stamping, you are legally employed with Employer B with the payroll running.
  3. rohit369

    i140 Approved Change of Employer

  4. rohit369

    Switching Jobs

  5. rohit369

    I 140

    Yes for both. Ideally, you can keep changing employers and get H1 extensions for life now based on your current approved I140. If you decide to get your GC, then you have 2 options: Join the same employer who has your I-140 and apply for I485 Redo everything from start to GC with the current employer.
  6. rohit369

    I140 RFE

    Best answer!
  7. rohit369

    PERM I140 EB2 on the job Work Experience Question

    No, they will post requirement for 8 years experience and file PERM. I dont see any issues here. Join them fulltime.
  8. rohit369

    H1B 5th year mid. Job change and PERM options

    The following is the best approach IMO: Apply for H1 transfer in PP now. Join the new employer and start GC process. it will take 1 year by the time you get your I140. I140 can be done in PP. Looking at your timeline, you will get your I140 before you complete 6 years on H1 which is the end of 2020 including recapture. Apply for H1 extension based on approved I140 next year again. If you get an audit during PERM, you can apply for H1 extension based on PERM application. You will get 1 year H1 extension. Anyways, the key here is to get your H1 transfer done in PP and start GC with the new employer. That will keep the entire process simple and clear.
  9. Pay as per the LCA. GC is future employment. You will pay that when you get your GC provided you ask for it. The one on PERM is just to say that they will employ you and the wage for this position is as mentioned in the PERM. But after you get your GC, there is no set rule that they have to pay you that money. You will have to negotiate your pay then.
  10. Your company can apply for H1 extension now based on PERM application. You will get a 1-year extension in this case. Apply H1 in PP and get it done soon. You can travel to India soon after the approval.
  11. rohit369

    Can my kid go alone for H4 stamping?

    I dont see any risk. I think they will allow a guardian to accompany her, just check this info with the consulate.
  12. You can go and get the visa stamp. Just dont forget to carry a copy of that I140 for the interview.
  13. You are eligible to get the new visa from 6 months prior to your current visa expiry.
  14. Just count all the days you are present on the US soil in H1 status...this will count against your 6 years cap.