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  1. Phal

    Urgent H1B Transfer

    Leave the country and return with new i797.
  2. If you get a job in company A, you need to transfer H1B visa to company A and ask for a client letter. You are not required to apply for new H1B visa. How is you H1B visa with company A even after transferring to company B? That makes no sense.
  3. Phal

    Change H1B academic to F1?

    I am not sure how you are on H1B visa and doing Masters at the same time. Why do you need OPT if you already have H1B visa? WHy would you want to change to F1 Visa.
  4. You don't need an attorney. Once you file a complaint to DOL, you will receive a call from them and a couple of officers will ask you questions regarding your employment. Later they will appoint an investigator and you need to communicate with her/him. If your employer makes an agreement and settles for lesser amount with DOL, take it or else they are going to appeal the case and it may take for years. It will take up to 1 year depending on the cases DOL has. I suggest you to find a new employer or return back to India.
  5. Your employer is a fraud. He has to pay you as long as he is sponsoring you H1B visa. There is nothing like bond in USA. You can file a complaint to DOL on WH4 form regarding this. Regardless you have a project or not he has to pay you salary until he revokes your visa. Your employer has to notify you if he is going to revoke your visa. You should find a new employer who can sponsor you visa.
  6. Hi all, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask. I have worked in US on H1B Visa. While working I have opened an account in one of US stock broker. I came to India for stamping, got 221g and it has been more than 1 year I hav heard anything from the US consulate. I have decided to stay in India. I would like to know if I can continue do trading with US broker and buy US stocks (NASDAQ) from India. I will be paying taxes for trading. Is this legal? What would be the worst case scenario if this is not legal? I am not planning to move back to US.
  7. I guess scanned copy is sufficient unless it is not a fake one.
  8. Well they have approved my petition based on client letter.
  9. I already have my H1B Visa with 3 more years remaining. I currently do not have a job and I am in my home country. Can I go to U.S. on visitor visa and then transfer to H1B Visa?
  10. Yes, you can work with employer A.
  11. Why would you want to apply for H1 when you can get OPT (possibly fro 18 months)?
  12. USCIS has approved my H1B VIsa. Why wouldn't they do proper background check while approving and then put on hold when stamping.
  13. Phal

    On F1 with CPT

    atlantavijay - why wouldn't you tell what university you are attending? Why would you wanna go to Canada and work there? If you are on CPT you should be working in U.S. Maybe you should come back to India and look for a job in Canada.
  14. Phal

    Travel back to USA on Opt

    Sometimes they may ask if you have a job and client letter when you are travelling on OPT.
  15. Phal

    H1B Approved- Opt extn RFE

    My OPT was expired in Aug and H1B visa started from Oct. I have worked in Aug and Sep and had no problem. You may ask your employer to put your pay on hold and ask them to pay in Oct.