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  1. dennisverma

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    @f1studentOPT...not yet, but the case got updated to Nov 15th.
  2. dennisverma

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    My case is added with dennisverma...
  3. dennisverma

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    @BI2013...hope for the best.
  4. dennisverma

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Archan Toronto Green 09/30/2013 10/28/2013 Candidate 28
  5. Mine is still showing Oct 23rd.
  6. Masters in Mechanical Engineering
  7. We all on same boat, mine is on Sep 30th still waiting. My friend visa got approved who attended interview same day with me and eductaion backgroung is Mechanical masters
  8. Hi, For Non IT background candidates (Mechanical, Biotechnology, EEE etc), Toronto consulate is issuing 221g by default, they are asking standard questions like What is your higher degree, What is your project and giving grenn slip. I have seen nearly 10 cases here and its been 4 weeks for me with 221g. So giving an alert to non it background candidates who are planning to Toronto consulate. Thanks..
  9. dennisverma

    H1B visa stamping---Hyd or Chennai where best?

    All consulates are same. As you are from HYD, then I would suggest to HYD consulates.
  10. dennisverma

    H1B Stamping at Toronto,Canada

    Heartsbeat, What is your education background? If it is non IT, then don't come to Toronto consulate, you will get 221g for sure (as I'm on 221g now). If your are from Computer background then no issues, carry all the documents from your employer, pay stubs, tax returns etc good luck.
  11. dennisverma

    H1B stamping question

    If VO asks for pay stubs prepare for proper answer and carry all the documents from your employer. If there is any chances for you to go after 3-4 months for stamping, that would be better, this helps you to keep confident.
  12. It's always good to carry 2 years of pay stubs, I have seen people asking for 2 years. It's nothing wrong to carry more, carry all the W2's, Tax retruns, time sheets ( atleast 1 year).
  13. dennisverma

    Toronto 221g

    Mine is Oct 3rd and for two weeks date shown as Oct 3rd only and today status changes to Oct 16th. Hope we get visa soon. good luck
  14. Hi, Technically all consulates are same, rejection or RFE depends on individual case. I would suggest Calgary or Vancouver, don't go to Toronto. I'm struck with 221g in Toronto from 20 days, still waiting. Good luck with your visa. Vijay
  15. Mine is EVC model, but received 221g based on education