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  1. priyank15

    H1B RFE what are the options?

    Thank you for all the valuable responses. I have had an approved i-140 before and my H1-B application was for transfer + extension(I am currently in my 9th year).By the responses here I feel like possible options 1) Contact an Attorney and discuss my case to get options 2) try to get a new job with a company ready to sponsor my h1B So right now I have an old I-797 approved and expired, new H1B application receipt and currently in RFE. If I even leave out the school option for now I am wondering how can I explain my current visa situation to Recruiters and Company HR where I interview, and what should I expect from them? I believe the school option is more to get Back in F1 status which would an active valid status rather than to use the CPT on day1. I can do my job search & preparation on the side while I resolve the visa status issue. Please Advice, Thanks
  2. priyank15

    H1B RFE what are the options?

    Hi, I am employed with a consulting company based in fremont, CA and I have filed my H1B through him which is in process and I have received an RFE in that. I am trying to get more details about the RFE and how I can respond to it but my employer is not providing me with the details. he is actually saying that he does not wish to proceed with the RFE response. I am not sure because he has not provided me with the official documents of the RFE. I want to get those documents and see the details. I also do not intend yet to take any adverse action and want to resolve this peacefully. On the other side he is suggesting to not respond to the RFE but get an admit from school here and be on F1 and work on CPT/OPT. I also want to know if I can apply for other jobs in other companies and start a new H1B process? Eagerly need some advice. Thanks
  3. Hi, I had my H1-B filed in June 2018 and I received a RFE about a 3 weeks back. I also have been out of project for 2+ months now. I have talked with my current employer and he is of the opinion that I register in school as an international student and get my i-20 and aplly for CPT using which I can work and this will also resolve my issues related to VISA status. I wanted to know if there is any other alternative to this? I have also been preparing a little for contract based job interviews. But right now I first need to handle this issue related to my status. If I apply for full time based positions in other companies can they start a new H1B for me? will that be dependent on my existing H1B application/or F1 student status or any other issue related to current status? Which is the best way to fix my status issue as soon as possible? Thanks
  4. Hi, I have received the new approval for h1b transfer through consular processing and I need to get the new I-94 before I can start working. I am planning to go to Tijuana US border consulate to get the new I-94 and need to know the entire process, like do I need to take an appointment or just cross the border and go to the consulate office and get it? Btw I have the older H1B visa stamped in my passport which is still valid. I am trying to reach the tijuana US consulate but looks like its really difficult. Has anyone had this experience yet? Thanks, Priyank
  5. Hi I got my I-140 approved 4 weeks back and a new H1B extension approved and stamped from India until 2017. I have priority date of April 22, 2013. I was wondering what are my options to change my current job without restarting from PERM again and retaining the approved I-140. I heard from someone that I need to get my company convinced to hand the papers to me for this to happen. Thanks for the help.
  6. priyank15

    Basis on which I-140 is approved

    Hi, I have received letters from previous employers and have just filed for I-140 in premium processing. I wanted to know how the experience is going to be verified in this case especially the previous projects. I am trying to approach the previous managers at the client location in order to get letters about the individual projects. right now the letter I have received and submitted is from my H1B consulting company which covers details from all projects. There is no contact number for each project client where I have worked. Am I expected to provide that level of detail?
  7. priyank15

    Basis on which I-140 is approved

    Hi, I am in the process of applying for my I-140 using premium processing with my current company where I work as a FTE - an american company. I am near my extended deadline for H1B - mid Jan. I have had 2 previous H1Bs and have some bench period during my employment with the first employer (I worked as a contractor). How is that going to be verified and how will it affect my application? Also is I-140 with premium processing scrutinized differently? I want to avoid getting an RFE. Thanks, Priyank
  8. priyank15

    will govt shutdown affect PERM processing ?

    I see that the Websites of DOL (Department of Labor) and http://icert.doleta.gov/ (perm tracker portal) showing messages that they are down which means its just the websites or the total departments aren't functioning? USCIS on their website says its not affected by the shutdown, but not so sure about the Department of Labor.
  9. priyank15

    Perm Processing timeline

    My PERM Labor was filed on Apr 22nd. The website shows the current processing is going on for the month of February. if anyone doesn't know the url is: http://icert.doleta.gov/ and go to the second tab named 'PERM & PW Processing Times'.
  10. Hi, I am working with my company which has filed for Labor Certification for my Geen Card. The immigration lawyer received a query from the Department of Labor asking a detailed job description. The Lawyer needs from me/company an elaborate job profile which will satisfy my case. I am a currently a Java/Web Developer - mid level in my company and had 4 yrs experience before joining this company, also have an M.S. in Computer Science. I need the case to be filed in EB2 category. I discussed this with my manager and looks like I have to work on this with the HR to come up with an appropriate Job Description to reply to DOL. The lawyer has currently used "Lead Developer Web Applications" DOL's request: The jobs duties indicate that the position will lead projects resulting in functional enhancements of web-based applications. Please provide the duties associated with lead projects resulting in functional enhancements of web-based applications. Please provide occupations of the team members the employee may lead. I have searched through the existing and previous job postings of my company and trying to come up with the something. Is it required to match my profile, experience, background? How can I go about making this profile? really Urgent. Thanks