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  1. You can always ask them to delay the oath ceremony for a date after you come back from India, a couple of my friends did that, they just informed the IO that they have a scheduled trip and there oath ceremony was scheduled after there date of return, actually one of them took oath past Monday after they got back from India, interview was back in December'17.
  2. I recently went through the interview, the IO did not ask for proof of employment, just inquired verbally about who do I work for and what do I do for them. They are mostly looking in to any potential updates to the N-400 since initial application during the interview. Good Luck with your interview.
  3. You can apply for CP, given you (still) have approved I-140 and a valid Job offer from the employer (who sponsored I-140). Otherwise you can use the old/original PD (given your I-140 was NOT revoked for fraud) with new I-140 and Job offer from new employer.
  4. They are asking Mother's maiden name, NOT the name on her passport. Just provide her maiden name (before marriage), you would be fine, I have not heard of an RFE to prove mother's maiden name.
  5. Premium processing only expedites the decision time line, will NOT have any effect on the outcome.
  6. Not sure about the legality of what I am going to say next, <gut feel>I would go ahead and apply for 485 and take my chances.</gut feel> NOT a legal advice just my personal gut feel!!
  7. Many congratulations!!! Thanks for offering to help others, this spirit is what is keeping this forum tick.
  8. Get letter of proof of Employment continuation and any communication with the employer approving extending your vacation/ medical leave of absence. At Port of Entry the officer wants to confirm you have an active job which you are going to join upon entry and not going to search for one after coming here. Good Luck.
  9. Consular Processing (CP) - In your scenario if the job still exists in the future whenever your PD is current, then you can be in India and get GC using CP, otherwise like @pontevecchio suggested you can you the PD for subsequent GC filling (for another job).
  10. I agree with what you are saying. My point was Consular Processing (CP) exists for the intent that GC processed for a job (in future) which the OP needs to go join once approved, that is the original intent isn't it.
  11. Different A# (USCIS Number or Alien Identification Number) from yours? As each individual is assigned a unique A# (Alien Identification Number) so your spouse is bound to have a different A# than yours.
  12. I sympathize with your situation, but you answered your own question, Medicals are good for only one year, they might very well ask for them again.
  13. As I said, that is my understanding from a few years back, it is best to confirm with an authoritative source like an attorney.
  14. If while in India, your PD gets current, then you apply for CP and get your Green Card while in India and then travel on GC to USA, no need for EAD.
  15. You are not alone, I also am in the same boat, never received any e-notification. My wife do get them :) we both applied the same time.