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  1. Hi , This is for my Mom who is 65 yrs old with prevailing conditions, Her B2 visa is expiring on 08-15-2020. Her current i94 was auto extended till june-18-20 which is the ending of 6 months of her visit as she had entered on Dec-19-19. Please suggest me how to proceed with her stay extension , if I file Form 539 will they allow her extend beyond b2 visa validity . In this pandaemic situation i am scared to have her travel for next 6-8 months or atleast until things get normal. Can i file her B2 visa renewal while she is here in US after applying for her stay extension form i539.
  2. if non-campus (like gas station ) is done during CPT by someone and if the person has given false paperwork justifying the role to Uscis at the time of H1 filling. Say 5 Years Later if this is reported to USCIS by his then non-campus employer ,will USCIS take any action now.
  3. Hi, My wife working with employer A since 8 years with some overall bench period of 8-10 months on and off all this while and has approved i140 now since past couple of weeks she was on bench as she was not keeping well partly and partly she had to take care of her parents. now she has got a confirmation on new project from new client. Her employer A is now not ready to file amendment, he is instead saying she should find another employer to transfer her H1. i have confusion here: 1. Employer A is concerned about her new project amendment filling, he is saying since she is not having time sheets for her bench period, he cannot show documents if there happens to be rfe about her past 2-3 months work. Please suggest if this is valid reason or there is any work around? 2. Say if she somehow starts filling amendment for this new contract. Can it be possible for her to transfer visa to another employer B during this amendment with Employer A process?
  4. checkvisa

    Visa fee payment for Matamoros, Mexico

    Can you please share info with me , I having same problem while booking visa appointment for Tijuana consulate
  5. Hi I am planning to visit Tijuana Mexico for my visa extension stamping nov2nd or 3rd week . I have been to this location for my last 2 renewals stamping , just this time I am worried as the visa appointment procedures have changed. can someone guide me on new visa fees payments , appointment, border re entry procedures. also I highly appreciate if anyone can tell about recent stories for Tijuana location. thanks in advance
  6. checkvisa

    H1b Stamping Tijuana Mexico

    Hi, can you please share the new procedures to make visa payments and appointments at Tijuana location. I am planning to go by nov15 and also please share your experience. thanks Neecheckvisa
  7. Hi, Please update your experiences , I hve blocked my dates next week and looking for booking suitable accomodation suggestions. Thanks, Ni
  8. Hi I have dates for week 10/23 in Tijuana, I am looking for the hotels or best accomodation suggestion around ASC. or consulate. Also if you ahve any updates from lately anyone getting stamped in Tijuana, What are the latest experiences. Thanks,
  9. Hi , Please update if ypu are planning around oct23, I am looking for any suggestions on hotels closer to ASC and consulaate. Please reply , latest cases of visa stamping there if any.
  10. Hi, Anyone of you have dates for Mexico Tijuana falling on Oct23, I have the same and will be good to share thoughts.
  11. Hi, Anyone planning for visa stamoing and would like to share trip , I will driving to San deigo and take public transport from border as suggested on other forums. Any one looking around end of OCT'13 dates , let me know if that can help. you cna reply to this post. Thanks, Checkvisa.
  12. Hi, Anyone there planning to go for stamping on aug 28 to sept 10. I wanted to join in too. Also please update any recent experiences for mexico locatiom i have been with same employer past 5 yrs and this is my extension stamping. I have good client letter.still I am nervous if I should go Or not?