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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks for your reply. I have strongly decided to move to the new employer for some reasons. Appreciate if you know the process for setting up the environment for H1B transfer in employer perspective .. Hi Itsmeusa, I know there is no much difference between 0 and 0+ employee . Can you please let me know more information about environment. Thanks for your response. Thanks
  2. Hello Friends, I have my I-140 approved with my current employer. I am planning to transfer to start up employer (brand new Company registered few weeks back). He had a very good project through one of the primary vendor with good offer and i personally know this new employer very well .Due to that good relation i am ready to work with him as first employee for his company. I also want to help him in setting the environment for successful H1B Transfer. We will definitely contact attorney for this but before that i want to gather some information and knowledge on this. Current status of new company: It was registered few weeks ago and ready for business. What are the necessary things from Employer point of view that are to be in place before applying for First H1 Transfer? ( i know this is broad question. Please let me know the available information) How much account balance should employer show ? Information regarding employer Office and set up? Any extra information will definitely help me and my new employer in this process. Thanks in Advance!!!!
  3. 123runfast

    Cannot retrieve I-94 in CBP website

    HI ALL, Hope this would help all those whose " I 94 not found online" . This happened to my in laws. her I 94 was not found when we searched with her name. Then in online/Customer service they told us to go to deferred inspection office in the airport terminal. No appointment needed. this office will be from 10am to 2 pm Mon - thur.in IAD airport it will be in International Arrival teminal( first one only). you can easily find it when you go inside , this office will be near to last baggage claim (note: This is for IAD airport, ). people are sitting for hours , it passed 2 then one person came and announced "All i-94 cases , please come in line" then he took all the documents and Passports from every one. For us he took only passport (No documents, but he took documents for others. better to take all documents that you have posted for the visa with recent pay stubs etc). With in 30 minutes he came back and gave i-94. This all happened after 2pm. Hope this would help....!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi Friends, I have made a complain to the Michigan Wage hour program (DOL), they have dismissed the complaint because work place is in different state (OH) so they have mentioned "Please be advised this agency lacks jurisdiction to pursue wage complaints for work performed outside Michigan". I dont think Ohio will take care of that because employer is located in Michigan. Please advise if you have any suggestions..will highly appreciate for your reply.. Thank you in advance...
  5. 123runfast

    Payroll after h1b transfer

    HI All, I have responded to my previous employer as last date as Nov 15 after h1b transfer. On Nov 30 , he ran the pay roll from Oct 15 to Nov 15. I notice some pending payments so he ran another payroll on Dec 30 from Nov 15 to Dec15. Will my last day of work with my previous employer changes? because i did not sent any email after last payroll. I need to update this in my Labor application for green card. Ideally what will be the last working day? As per that i need to enter in the labor. Please advise me.. Thanks in advance Raj....
  6. Hi ,catx, jairichi, JoeF Thanks for the replies and appreciate your answers. Hello All, Please let me know if any one has complained to DOL with same scenario so that i will have some heads up.Mostly i am looking to settle by talking but they are not answering my phone. Thanks
  7. HI ALL, I am in OPT status and worked for Employer X for 6 months . I told him i will be moving at the end then he stopped the last payment. He ran the pay roll but he did not send the pay check.I contacted number of times and finally i talked with the Main Head but no use. He is telling do what i ever i want. Now i am with new employer Y.I have all emails communicating with employer X asking for the pay check and then he replied saying that payments were stopped at Primary vendor due to short notice. I cannot digest this because i am loosing my 160 payable hours which will help me lot in clearing lot of my debts... Is there a way to get my pay check from him. If i am on H1 B then i know the rights and i can fight against him.I am ready to fight against him but thinking if i hire a lawyer then i would loose more as i am on OPT which is optional. he forwarded an email to me which was sent by the primary vendor, the email says as I did not give any notice to the client the vendor loosed all the client relation and for that he want to file a case against our employer X. As i am sick before leaving i left an email to client and told him about the situation. Please help me out!!!!... Thanks in advance
  8. 123runfast

    Employee rights

    Hi Every One, Subject: Employee rights A Consulting Company 'A' with 300 employee is owned by 2 persons partnership. Now these persons want to share and run their business separately. Lets assume X is employee and Company 'A' is his employer .Visa Status of X is H1B. Owner 1: He will have the company Name 'A' with 200 (not exactly sure of this number) employees Owner 2: He will have new company name 'New A' with 200 employees. I want to know the complete information regarding the employee rights in this situation. Please provide all the information that will help 'X' to make his own decisions in this situation so that he will choose better options for his career. 1. should employer let X know about situation before starting the process? 2. How far employer is responsible to dis close the situation to the employee so that 'X' will make his own decisions regarding his career. 2. Do 'X' have any choice of choosing the employer between 'A' and New A'? 3. will employer have control over this situation and choose their employees with out employee involvement? 4. Is that true, that process of dividing the company 'A' is not disclosed to the employees until the final stage or completion? 5. Employee rights for this type of scenario? Thanks in Advance