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  1. H1stamp@Mexico

    Any one Going for Stamping on Oct 5 6th. Pls let me know!

    Go to this post and read that the couple mentioned thier experience http://murthyforum.atinfopop.com/4/OpenTopic?a=tpc&s=1024039761&f=4724019812&m=4591028622
  2. H1stamp@Mexico

    Successfull stamping in Tijuana Mexico on 7th Sep

    The Tijuana border closed as the building collapsed at US inbound traffic. You can go to Mexico, can't come in to US.
  3. H1stamp@Mexico

    Successfull stamping in Tijuana Mexico on 7th Sep

    kalyan797, No need to take Mexico visa If you have valid US visa. You need to take if your H1 visa is expired. It costs you $36 dollars. docs need: recent bank statements Visa appointment letter All the Best Thanks
  4. H1stamp@Mexico

    Successfull stamping in Tijuana Mexico on 7th Sep

    dealguy007, You can take any hotel, But I stayed in Hotel Real Del Rio. All staff speak english in this holet and you can meet Indians who come for H1 stamping, So that you will have some moral support if anything happens. The new Consulate is on the hill and you don't find any hotel near by as it is newly developing area. Regards
  5. H1stamp@Mexico

    Successfull stamping in Tijuana Mexico on 7th Sep

    kalyan797, VO : Does your employer directly to client? Me: Our client has preferred vendor. VO: Show me your contract between Vendor & your employer? Me: (I just acted as searching for the contract and told that) I think that my Employer didn't provide the contract but I have Client letter and gave it to him with ID card. Vo: He took it and read and said It's fine. Actually My work modal is E-V-V-C, I don't want to show as 2 vendors in between.
  6. I got H1 stamping successfully on 7th Sep 2011. On 7th 8 people attended for H1. 7 people got stamped successfully. One couple got admin processing. On 8th 5 people attend for stamping, 4 people got stamping, Sooooooooo I strongly advise everybody to go to Tijuana for H1 Stamping renewal. My work modal is E-V-V-C. Summary Questions from all 1. paystubs 2. tax returns 3. w2 forms 4. I129 - Important 5. contact between Employer & Vendor/Client 6. What work you do for Client and Employer 7. how did you get job from your employer Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks
  7. H1stamp@Mexico

    ASC Appt on Aug 29 and Consulate Appt on Aug 30th

    Hi indiagrad & batswon, Please update us with your H1 stamping at Mexico. It will be helpful as I am going on 7th Sep. Thanks
  8. H1stamp@Mexico

    Tijauan stamping on aug 31st

    Hi tijuana23 & TijuanaAug2011 Please let us know your Stmping experience. It would helpful as I am going on 7th Sept. Thanks
  9. H1stamp@Mexico

    Tijuana Stamping Sep 7 8.

    Hi venkat2127, I have 6th & 7th at Tijuana. Please give me your contact details. I live in Irvine.
  10. H1stamp@Mexico

    Plannig to go for Tijuana for h1 stamping in Sep2011

    I am also going on 6th & 7th. Going from LA. Please give my your details.