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  1. Hi, can anybody tell me What is current appointment date for H1B Stamping in Torranto, Canada?
  2. aris18

    H1B Stamping -October 7th in Toronto.

    hi Nandan, can you please tell me what other dates were available when you took the appointment for October. I am also planning to go for stamping in Oct.
  3. I would suggest you to call USCIS and let them know your situation or send them an email with detailed description. This will create problem in your GC and if you are going out of USA and try to come back.
  4. aris18

    Stamping done in Ottawa on 18th sept

    dont worry guys. Your visa will be APPROVED. I have seen this in couple of previous posts.
  5. No Buddy, there are no chances to come to USA directly. you have to go to India and you can apply for New H1 or F1 from India.
  6. Hi Raj, it is almost same BUT... PLEASE PLEASE DONT TAKE HIGHWAY 407 AS IT IS TOLL ROAD AND IT HAS VERY VERY HIGH RATES. like 29 Cents per kilometer. as soon as you enter in Canada, please Turn ON / ENABLE "AVOID TOLL ROADS". wherever you go please take 401 or 403 or QEW and you should be fine. I just traveled canada this week I entered from Niagra falls and I took QEW and 401 and then highway 7. Please keep your GPS maps updated as well. Also, At US Embassy, there is parking one street down. see the map below. | | |------------------------------------------- Parking is available in left corner--------- Stop Sign------------------------ (you will see the parking sing) | |------------------------------------------ | | | | ^ | | | | | ^ |(take right from Signal here) | | |------------------------------------------- | |---------<-----------two way road with divider------< Parking will be available ($8 for whole day)-------------------- | |------------------------------------------ | | US Embessy here | | Best of luck...!!
  7. aris18

    Visa Approved@ Ottawa on Aug 20, 2013

    Hi, Both me and my wife got our passports yesterday and we are heading to US today. Best of luck you guys...!!
  8. aris18

    Visa Approved@ Ottawa on Aug 20, 2013

    Hi avm007, My passport is available @Loomis location and planning to go in next 2 hours. My Wife's status is "Issued" now but she did not get any email regarding loomis pickup yet. I am planning to go to loomis office after 4:00 pm today and hope my wife's passport should also be available for pickup. I hope your status will be changed today. Best of luck...!!
  9. aris18

    Tension for h1b Stamping

    My Dear Friend, You dont have to worry about this if you have all your documents. I had a visa interview in Ottawa on 20th, Aug 2013 and i found that interview is nothing but a conversation. As long as all your history is clean and your documents are with you, you dont have to worry at all. Just go there with happy face, be calm and your half work is done.
  10. aris18

    First Time H1b stamping in Ottawa canada

    Yes, go ahead. there should not be any problem.
  11. aris18

    Visa Approved@ Ottawa on Aug 20, 2013

    Hi, My Status updated today morning at 10:00 am today and got email at 2:00 pm today. Hopefully will be able to pick by tomorrow. BUT my Wife's status is still "Administrative Processing" i am also little worried about her. Let see. I will keep you posted.
  12. Experience Letter August, XX, XXX USCIS Address of USCIS TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Dear Sir/Madam, This letter is to verify NAME OF PERSON employment at COMPANY NAME , during the period of START DATE to END DATE. Listed below are the roles and responsibilities that NAME OF PERSON performed as a ROLE OF THE PERSON during the above mentioned period. Job Title : ROLE NAME Job Responsibilities : DESCRIPTION OF THE JOB DUTIES PERFORMED We certify that NAME OF THE PERSON is an individual who will continue to make good contribution as ROLE OF THE PERSON. If you have any questions, please contact our office Sincerely, SIGNATURE OF THE SUPERVISOR TITLE OF THE SUPERVISOR NAME AND ADDRESS OF COMPANY
  13. as long as they filed New LCA with address change you are fine.
  14. aris18

    Visa Approved@ Ottawa on Aug 20, 2013

    1. for Example, I came in 2006 so 7 years in USA, 4 years on H1. 2. if the last visit to india was in 2009 then tell them last i went to india/outside of USA in 2009 for family visit or Business trip. 3. Mine is second H1B term, so i would say this is my second H1B term and i came for first time H1B Stamping.
  15. Hello Guys, First, Thank you all Murthy Forum members for you detail information and your experiences. Both me and my wife got our visa approved today. we both are full time employees. here is our Experience: VO: How are you? me: I am fine how about you. (he was very nice guy, I saw him laughing with other candidates during visa interview.) VO: you have a very big document bag. me: I carried all my documents. (This is my second H1B so i had to carry all my documents starting from CPT, OPT, first H1 and all other documents. please see the link below) VO: so where do you work? me: xxx company with xxx role. VO: how long for this company? me: xx years/months VO: Are you married? me: Yes, and my wife is also on H1 and in fact she is also here with me waiting for her call. (we both appeared as individual for visa interview that's why she didn't come with me at window) VO: ooh let me find her passport/application.(after 1 min he got my wife's documents and asked me to call her on same window) me: I called her. VO: so what do you do? she: work in xxx company as xxx role. VO: great.(and tried to update her application in database which took almost 3 minutes as it was very slow) VO: Does she give you trouble every time? me: with little smile, not all times.... :) VO: to me. your visa is approved and still waiting for your wife's profile. (after a minute) OK i can see your profile as well. your visa is approved as well. me and my wife: Great thank you sir. VO: It will take 3-4 business days to collect your passport from Loomis location. Till then Enjoy the City. me and my wife: Thank you so much and have a very nice day...!! In fact, He didnt ask us about any single document. Below link was very helpful to us for H1-B Visa Interview preparation. http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/47718-complete-package-h1b-stamping-questions-checklist-pims-client-questions-all-in-one/ All the best to all other candidates...!!