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  1. Hi, I am in a very tough situation. I came to US on H4 and my husband was on H1B. He has applied for GC in EB2 Category and added me as dependent on his I-485. We got our EAD and AP. We had a trouble marraige and my husband filed for uncontested divorce, while the divorce proceedings were on I came to India and the divorce got finalized while I was in India. Now I got a notification from USCIS about my I-485 Denial. I am planning to travel to India within next 15 days. I have following questions and appreciate a quick reply, 1) Can I travel back to US with EAD/AP while my I-485 is denied, I want to contest the decision. 2) Do anybody know on what grounds I can contest I-485 denial. Please help me out I am in a very bad situation, All of my stuff is in US and I want to atleast come to US one time to collect my belongings.
  2. rgupta01

    impact of Domestic Violence on GC

    No it didn't happen to me in India before. This is the first time its happening. My wife probably has seen these kind of thing happening in India so she did it. When she saw police arresting me she got afraid and even asked the officers not to arrest. Its a long weekend and none of the lawyers office is open so I am posting it here to get some feedback. I have attorneys number and will contact them tomorrow. Meanwhile if somebody can give us some suggestion that will be helpful.
  3. Hi, I had a big argument with my wife and in anger my wife broke few plates and I I broke a vase at home. She called the cops in anger and they charged me with simple assault and breaking glass at home. No restraining orders though. I have a court case soon. My wife is now regretting her impulsive calling the police as she thought it might be similar to India where police comes and issue warning and will go. What should we do next ? She is ready to take all the charges back. But the case is State vs Me not her vs me. Please advice how to go from here ? I am going to file my I-485 next month as my date is current. What impact can this have on my 485 and chance of getting GC ?
  4. Hi, I am on H4 and got an admission in a university for MBA. I have already applied for COS from H4 to F1 and its pending at California Processing Center. My husband who is on H1B and his I-140 already cleared. We think his priority date will be current next month. I have following questions 1) If the priority date becomes current and my F1 is not approved can I withdraw the COS application and apply for I-485 ? 2) How much time does it take to withdraw COS to F1 ? 3) If F1 is approved then can I immediately apply for I-485 or do I need to wait for sometime ? 4) If F1 is approved then do I need to get it stamped before I apply for I-485 ?