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  1. Hi Chakrakr, Thanks for the info provided on the options.
  2. Hi Mr. Cap-gap and Catx you do not know the answer please dont try to be heroes by saying something doesn't add any value. For your information, I have seen people making this category applicable - espeacially when the salary range has been more than 50%. If you don't know the answer please refrain from commenting. Why am I posting on my friend's behalf - is none of your botheration CATX..
  3. Hi, Am curious to know if Birth certificate is 'mandatory' for I485 (adjustment of status)? I hear mixed opinions while some say it's mandatory while someother say that it is okay not to have it if your passport mentions the name of the place. Would like to know any alternatives to the Birth certificate (like affidavit from self etc.) Appreciate if someone can clarify?
  4. Hi, My frined is applying in EB1A and one of the category he is targetting is "High remuneration" as he draws around 60-70% in excess of the average salary for that position and location. He has all the evidences along with 'national average salary' comparisons from Salary.com and Glassdoor. However, his attorney says that he needs an "authoritative letter' from any HR rep from an IT firm confirming this (after looking at the evidences). The attorney was not able to provide any references. Has anyone applied under this category and if yes, what evidences need to be prvided? Can any one provide a reference of any IT firm that can give such letter (at a reasoable cost)?? ANY help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I have got an approved labor from company A. They said that they have applied in EB2. I have the "Web approval form" of ETA - 9089. This contains the validity of labor. 1) I can't see EB2 or EB3 anywhere inETA form 9089. Where can I find it? 2) Section F contains Prevailing wage determination. This is shown as Skill level 3. Does it mean it is EB3? 3) I also have the I140 application form. Will it contain the information on EB2 or EB3? Appreciate quick response and help on this. Thanks
  6. My friend has got an approved I140 with company A. He has the receipt number and the USCIS status shows that it is approved. However, he is with company B and may not be able to change to A. Help is needed to know how can he do the porting? 1) He doesnt have approved I140 or approved original PERM. But he has the 'web approval of PERM containing case number. Is this enough to do the porting? 2) At what stage should he use this with company B - at the time of filing for labor or at the time of filign I140? 3) Can employer A cancel the I140 making him not able to port? 4) Any other conditions or pre-requisites for porting the date from company A to B. Request the responses and thanks in advance
  7. kpv

    Original PERM lost - Applied for I140!

    Can any one reply to this post, please?
  8. Hi, My friend has filed the labor through company A and got it approved. However, the original PERM couldn't be procured from the lawer (as it was lost). However, the company applied for I140 as per the suggestion of the attorney. Now, the questions are: 1. Do we need to have original PERM for I140 approval or the details are enough? 2. Considering that the I140 is approved without original PERM, will it pose any problems in future (as missing original PERM) in the process of GC or even becoming a citizen 3. My friend is currently working for company B, who are going to file for labor. If the I140 from above company (A) is approved, is it advisable to change to A or stay with B? 4. Can he use the approved I140 from A, without actually working there, with the current company B? If yes, what are the conditions to do that? Appreciate your responses. kpv
  9. Hi, My friend has one international publication, he was on the review panel for an international conference and he possesses atleast 8 internationally recognized proffessional certifications. These 3 belong to 3 out of 10 categories under Extraordinary abilities, can he apply under EB1? If yes, can anyone guide on the 1) Process and steps 2) Any recommendations of attorneies? Thanks
  10. Hi, My friend got his PERM approved with a potential employer A and they are filing for I140. However, his current employer B is planning to file PERM in the coming days. He wants to know the following: 1. Is that okay that his PERM and I140 can be done in parallel (through different companies) 2. What are the conditions that he can use the approved I140 (potential employer) with current employer? Does he have to work for the poitential employer before using tehir I140 for porting? 3. Considering that the porting is possible, does he have to possess copy/original of I140? He already has the approved labor case details (not the original approval though) Appreciate your responses.. kpv
  11. Hi, One of my friends is offered a work from home employement as a full time. This company is a Technolgy solutions company providing services to many client in US and else where. The company has already filed for H1 transfer under Premium Processing and now asking my friend to join at the earliest. Following are his concerns: 1. Will 'Work from home' option have any impact on the H1 approval? His LCA clearly mentions his home address as place of employment 2. Hw wont have any client letter, bing the Work from home option. Is that an issue for approval? 3. People say that it takes 15 days for H1 approval. But some say that it comes as early as 3-4 days. What are the average times now? 4.Generally speaking in what cases will H1 transfer be denied? 5. What can be the consequences if his transfer gets denied? Appreciate quick help as there is pressure mounting on him from new company. Thanks in advance kpv
  12. Hi, Thanks for the responses. But the toughest thing is that, my firend's new employer eants him to join within 2 weeks after providing the reciept number. He also has to serve a 4 week notice to the current employer. The new employer filed for LCA certification and said would apply for H1 in PP probably within a week. So, my friend wants to know how safe is that to go ahead with the receipt number..
  13. Hi, My friend was given an offer by an employer and agreed to file for h1 transfer in premium processing. The new employer wants him to join early and mentioned that they would provide the receipt number and my firend should join within 2 weeks after that. Here are my questions: 1. How many days will premium processing generally take after getting the receipt number? 2. How risky is it to resign with the current employer after receiving the receipt number? Does he have to wait for the approval of transfer? 3. In case of any RFE, will the new employer can resolve or re-apply if required, without affecting his legal status? 4. I want to hear from the experts, what is the best time to resign from current employer and join the new employer in this situation. Appreciate if someone can provide answers as my firend needs to take a decision immediately
  14. kpv

    Labor application filed - Need advice

    Hi Ravi, Thanks a lot. Appreciate your help. My future employer has not shared any of the details. Am really concerned if at all the labor was filed.. Can you tell me if I can make use of the I140 approved by the future employee and apply with the current employee for labor.. If that is possible, what should I need to get from the future employee.? Both the approved I 140 and approved labor??
  15. Hi, Company A has applied for my labor in April 2012 as a FUTURE EMPLOYER. I have not receieved any response yet. I have also not seen the job description and any other details except the confirmation from the people that it has been applied. I have following questions: 1. As I have not seen the Job description, that was filed for labor, what is the danger if that doesn't reflect the actual job description. 2. In case of descrepencies in the job description, what are the options I have? Is it seen very serious and I may have to refile the application or will that not be an issue? 3. My current H1 is valid upto April 2013 and I still can recover about 10 months from them. What is the process of recovering unused H1 time? 4. What is the best time for me to join this copany. Is it after the labor approval or after I140 approval? Appreciate any help..Thanks in advance