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  1. kbamar83

    H1B vs. EAD Work Authorization

    Hello Attorney22, According to the Cronin Memo I can travel on AP and come back to the country and work on H1B. My H1B expires on 2017 Sep. Will I be able to renew my H1B ( to be on safe side) after Sep 2017 even though I have traveled on AP. IMO, it shouldnt be a problem. :)
  2. kbamar83

    EB2 Retrogression

    Hello Attorney_6, Is there any update regarding the EAD for H4. What is stopping the USCIS from declaring it. Do they have a time frame in mind?
  3. kbamar83

    EB2 Retrogression

    Hello there, According to current estimate when will PD of Feb 2011 become current?
  4. The more information you provide the better it is. Some Clients don't mention the name of your employer as there is no direct point of contact. In that case they would mention the vendor name. You can also carry a vendor letter with you which would mention your employer name. Regards
  5. kbamar83

    successful visa stamp at Vancouver on apr30

    Take as many as possible. You may never know.
  6. I had my h1b visa successfully stamped at Vancouver on Apr 30. My interview was pretty straightforward with no docs asked. I had all my docs with me though. The interview process was a breeze for me and also for couple of frnds know. They r usually asking only the basic docs like client letter pay stubs w2 etc. I am working for the same client and employer for close to 5yrs. Regards
  7. Can i fill DS 160 without uploading the photo for vancouver consulate? kindly reply.
  8. Are you still in vancouver or have you moved to india?
  9. kbamar83

    H1b visa Stamping in dubai

    i did not get any response. i have booked my visa date at vancouver.
  10. kbamar83

    visa approved in toronto

    congratulations. can you kindly update when your passport it ready to pickup. i am just trying to find out how many days would it usually take to pickup the passport. that way i can book my return flight too. :)
  11. kbamar83

    Interview @vancouver on 30 apr

    Hello there, You can find my email address in my profile. Kindly Reply.
  12. Hello there, I have my visa interview set up at vancouver on the 30th of april. Kindly Let me know if any one is interested in sharing the motel accomodation. Regards
  13. What is wrong with ******** university. Last Time i checked it is a accredited university. Regards
  14. kbamar83

    Visa approved March 11th @Vancouver

    Hello there, How many days does it take on average to pickup the passport? Regards
  15. kbamar83

    H1b visa Stamping in dubai

    Hello there, I am planning to go to dubai for my visa stamping. I have concerns as to how is the stamping success rate in dubai. I am working on EVC Model for the past 5 years for the same client. Kindly Help. Regards