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  1. rrm85

    H1B extension post 6 yrs

    Sorry if this is wrong thread. But any thoughts , opinions ?
  2. Hello Experts, Please share your valuable opinions. The employee is in research field. 2016- GC process not initiated as the employer mentioned that there was not enough time to file before the current H1B 6 yr expires. 2016- Applied H4 and H4 EAD approved with start date in Feb 2017 and H1B expired in 2016. 2019- with the H4 EAD revocation loom, planned to self apply GC process with NIW option. The employee makes a good case for applying GC with NIW per the employment field. We understand that we should have acted faster to get in GC process started before the H1B 6 yr expires. But in order to keep the current employment active, we are assessing options before H4EAD is revoked. Once we have i140 approved, we can reapply or submit a new H1B. H1B is CAP exempt per the employment area. Thank you all for your time.
  3. rrm85

    Passport return in Hyderabad?

    2-5 business days max.
  4. My interview went quick and easy. Not even single document was asked except passport. I am in EC model. Below are the questions asked: 1) Whom do you work for? 2) What do they do? 3) What is your role? 4) Have you ever been to US before? 5) Where did you study? 6) Where will you work? 7) Who is the client? Thank you Murthy forum for the all the guidance and maintaining the forum healthy.
  5. rrm85

    Question about Canada tourist visa

    You have to upload all the mandatory docs before you can hit continue . For itenerary , you can upload travel route saying that you are going to drive.
  6. rrm85

    Canada Travel

    H-1B / H-4 status individuals After initial entry to the U.S., persons in H-1B status who have an expired non-immigrant visa in their passport may re-enter the U.S. without obtaining a new U.S. visa if their travel was solely to a contiguous territory (Canada or Mexico) and their travel is for a period not exceeding 30 days. This procedure is known as "automatic revalidation" of the I am on H1B, don't have valid visa, Can I travel to Canada up to 30 days if I don't apply for US visa?
  7. You have to book directly from the American Airlines website. aa.com I booked the refundable ticket from the website !
  8. rrm85

    Canada visitor visa timeline

    Aug27Vancouver, If the consulate is driving distance from where you live, you can attach a copy of the proposed driving route. Or initially you can pick the location(which is at a driving distance if possible) just to apply visitor visa. later you can use actual lcoation to block flights for Vancouver. I applied saying that I will be visiting Toronto and I will be driving to the location and had the route directions attached. I got confirmation to send my passport and sent my passport for stamping. Hope this helps !
  9. rrm85

    How to share email or phone in this forum

    You can update the email address in your profile.
  10. rrm85

    Need to fill new DS160 ??

    Thank you everyone. I will redo everything again.
  11. I scheduled interview in Jamaica in Dec. But I had to cancel the trip at last moment. Now I would like to drive to Canada and give interview in Toronto. I previously created an account in us-visa/canada. when I log in now it has application summary( reference ID and MRV Fee receipt number) and asks if I want to Schedule Appoinment. My question is should I fill new DS160 and pay the fees again ? Thanks in advance !
  12. rrm85

    221g pink slip in Jamaica - 25th Nov

    Hi thanks for posting your experience . Is this your first time stamping ? Transcripts as in masters transcripts ? Can you tell which model are you in ? Have my interview next Monday . Thanks in advance !!!
  13. Congrats and thanks for sharing :)
  14. rrm85

    DS-160 form-how long does it saves?

    I started my Application On sep 9th( I took a screen shot of Aplication number and date). I could retreive and save and submit yesterday. I got confirmation page saying its submitted.
  15. Hi Swathi, I emailed you at the id shown in your profile. thanks