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  1. Shruti1983

    Approved I-140 and 6+3 years extension

    --If I-140 is approved via employer-A in the 6th year of H1(only 4 months left out of 6 years). --Now the employee wants to transfers his H1 to Employer-B. --Will the employee get another 3 years of H1 extension via Employer-B(6 years already ending soon + 3 more years) based on his I-140 approval via the Employer-A.
  2. Shruti1983

    Can I apply I 140 with my previous employer

    Make sure the Labor approval is not more than 6 months ago before you file the I-140. 6 months is expiry of the PERM approval.
  3. Shruti1983

    Regarding New I-94

    My Visa expired last year September and my I-94 also had same date. Before the VISA expiry the H1 extension was filed and it was approved until Dec 2013. My previous I-94 is not valid any more. Just thought to check if I have got a new I-94 too? SHould I check with my employer? Regards
  4. Shruti1983

    Regarding WH4

    I am working on H1 with my employer who has just filed I-140 for me. My employer is deviating from the initial agreements of billing share ratio made between us and maing me pay the employer tax. I just thought to check if I can file a WH4 against him. How safe is that to file WH4 being on H1 in the country. Will this give any issues on future green card via any other company. Regards,
  5. Shruti1983

    Cap Gap Question

    Yes, you can use that, but you need to get a copy of the I-797 from previous employer.
  6. Shruti1983

    H1B Cap Exepmption

    Yes You are cap exempted for the new year, but you still need to go for consular processing with a new employer to come on board to USA>
  7. Shruti1983

    H1B and 1099

    What if company C2 gives Employee E the money on 1099
  8. Shruti1983

    H1B and 1099

    Hi if an employee E is employed by a company C1 on H1B. Can employee E receive money on monthly basis from a company C2 also while he is employed with C1.
  9. Shruti1983

    Affidavit and legal binding

    I talked to an Immigration attorney and he said this is the case of an employment attorney. I am not sure who should I consult out of these. 1. Immigration attorney. 2. Employment attorney. 3. Labor attorney. Regards,
  10. Shruti1983

    Vacation in Dominican Republic or Bahamas

    Its always good to carry the supporting documents at the PoE. Its better to be safe than sorry. about vacation spots you can google.
  11. Shruti1983

    PERM restart is needed?

    on reply of Question 1. Thanks. on reply of Question 2. Its still not clear. As an example I have I-140 approved from previous employer, can I get the extension of H1 in new employers H1 while I have hardly 3 month left on my 6 years H1 period.
  12. Shruti1983

    PERM restart is needed?

    Hi Group, I have 2 questions: 1.If PERM and I-140 is approved via employer-A and then the person joins the employer-B. Does the PERM and I-140 both needs to be re-applied via new employer-B or only I-140 is needed to be re-applied. 2. If PERM and I-140 is approved via employer-A and person joins another employer-B. Her H1 is only 3 months left out of 6 years. Her I-140 via employer-B is not yet approved. Will she be able to get another 3 years extension based on approved I-140 of previous company(Employer-A) or she has to leave the country in next 3 month as her I-140 is not yet approved via employer-B where she is currently working ? Regards, Shruti
  13. Shruti1983

    Affidavit and legal binding

    Hi Group, I am working for employer-A and 3 months ago I had processed an H1 transfer to employer-B where employer-B asked me to sign an affidavit where it was written that I will work for employer-B for 3 years and this affidavit is just to support the H1B application(premium processing) to USCIS so that we can get the approval for 3 years. When my H1 was approved for employer-B for 3 years and I didnt join employer-B for a project on time because I had some personal issue and I asked some time to resolve it. They gave me some time to join them and told me they will look for another project for me. Now I came to know very bad feedback about employer-B so I have decided not to proceed with this employer-B and stick to my current Employer-A. Can I chose not to work for Employer-B inspite of the affidavit I signed to them(Which they said on phone is only for the 3 years H1 approval and is not a legal binding, but there is nothing in writing). Please suggest. Warm Regards, Shruti
  14. Shruti1983

    VISA expiring tomorrow

    My 1st H1 VISA is expiring tomorrow, and my H1 extension application is sent to USCIS last week, but we haven't got a receipt number yet(Haven't heard from USCIS yet). Will I be out of status from day after tomorrow? Regards,
  15. Shruti1983

    Port of Entry

    My Visa is expiring on September 27th and I am returning back from India on Sep 04. My H1 extension has not been filed yet. Will this cause any issue at the port of entry. Regards,