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  1. OMG.. Dude are you serious? Its visa stamping not DNA testing!! "13. Project documents 14. Organization Structure 15. Employer Tax returns 3 years and financial statements 16. Quarterly unemployment wage reports for last 6 quarters and Employers list (Org chart) 17. Notarized list of all employees from my company at the listed job site with specified information about each employee...HAHA 32. Work location pictures 33. Client ID/Badge, Employer ID/Badge 34. Timesheets 35. Client location photos (optional) " .......LMAO Did they actually asked you all this? LOL
  2. Its a RFE guys wait for it. it actually goes from initial review to RFE and then comes back to initial review with clock stop meseg. this happenes withing 30 minutes. The problem is they ask same thing that is already attached in the application showing they just throw RFE to buy time on 15 Day Premium process. The sad part is after 1 month of replying to the RFE their clock is still stuck when they threw RFE..they just don wana work on the file ..!! kameene saale!!