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  1. h1234

    h1b amendment timeline

    someone please reply to my query
  2. h1234

    h1b amendment timeline

    hi friends my stamping was done in September with client A. now i got another project from client B and moved to US last week. my employer filed for lca and got it certified 2 weeks ago but has not filed amendment yet. we are waiting for client letter, sow and PO. questions: 1. is it required that h1b amendment is filed before joining new client? 2. what is the timeline for filing amendment? please provide your inputs thanks & regards
  3. Thanks for the responses. My US employer wants to pay me in US account (probably will deduct taxes already). Does it mean I will end up paying taxes in India as well?
  4. Hi All I got 221g couple of months back. Client waited for some time and then allowed me to work from offshore location. Is my employer now supposed to pay me salary in US account or is he supposed to pay me salary in Indian account? Please provide your response. Thanks in advance