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  1. wenger.swiss

    DS 160 form questions for visitor visa

    1) It should not matter. Both addresses are pretty close. 2) Pick the right one.
  2. wenger.swiss

    Bar Code on Appointment Confirmtion and DS-160 mismatch

    Hi, Can you please let me know outcome of the interview and their experience. Thanks, Raj
  3. Hi, As far as I know.. 1. Yes 2. You don't have to go for H4 Stamping again even if your husband changes his employer. But carry his new I797 in port of entry. 3. If your new H1 is going to start from Oct 1st you will be in H4 until then, so I believe you can go and come back with the existing H4 visa until Oct 1st.
  4. Even if you opt for Markham, your passport will go to Brampton first and then come to Markham. It happened in my case and to couple of my friends as well.
  5. Brampton is one of the suburbs of Toronto. Based on my experience your passport will be sent to this location first and then transfer it to other if you choose another pickup location at the time of appointment. So it may save little time if you choose Brampton.
  6. wenger.swiss

    Visa approved in Toronto on 27-Dec

    My Applicant Status changed to In-transit on Saturday morning (28th) and to 'Ready for pick-up' on Monday morning. (30th)
  7. wenger.swiss

    Passport pickup location after H1B stmping

    Yes you can. It might delay 1 or 2 more days because vancouver is far from Ottawa.
  8. You can go and come with the existing visa and new I-797 (if you have already started working for new company), otherwise you can show your old I-797 because it is valid until Jun-2014. I don't exactly understand your visa extension concern which you've mentioned.
  9. Don't worry you are good to go with your current passport. I was in the same situation and got my visa approved couple of weeks back.
  10. wenger.swiss

    Visa approved in Toronto on 27-Dec

    My interview was on Friday(27th) and I have picked my passport from loomis on Monday (30th). Luckily I got my passport very fast. smvisa - I believe 1st and 2nd Jan are holidays for Toronto consulate. You might get your passport today and tomorrow hopefully.
  11. wenger.swiss

    Speeding Ticket

    I don't think so
  12. wenger.swiss

    Visa approved in Toronto on 27-Dec

    I have been working with my current employer for over 3 years and I have my 140 with the same company. I don't think there is any issue in your case if you have everything in place.
  13. wenger.swiss

    Visa approved in Toronto on 27-Dec

    Thanks! I am on EVC and I didn't require H1B amendment.
  14. Hi, My H1B visa got approved in Toronto on 27-Dec. This is my H1B renewal on I-140. Below are the questions asked in my interview. Is this your first time or renewal? How long have been working for this company? What is your salary? Where do you live? What is your highest degree and major?