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  1. one of our distance relative ( not blood) - retired couple planning to visit me ( green card holder) and cousin ( H1B visa). we are wondering whether I should send the invitation letter or my cousin should. who so ever sends will be their person of contact in USA on their DS160. Would that make any difference ? Based on my experience, usually, during interview they ask details of contact person in USA ( city, job and visa status). If I am the contact person, would they kinda speculate the possibility of not returning back ( although thats not what they intent to) . If they put my cousin as contact person, would the speculation lessen since H1B is a temporary visa. Thanks
  2. My attorney lost copy of the I-485 file she sent to USCIS. My I-485 is approved now but I wanted to save a copy for myself. She had told she would send me a copy after filing but she moved to some other place as soon as she filed it. another attorney from the same law group took over the petition. now they are unable to locate the copy of file and the previous attorney didn't save it before leaving. Can I ask for a compensation or sue them?
  3. My PR application just got approved in EB-1B category. Do i need to wait for few months before changing employer or I can do it rightaway> Thanks
  4. I am currently in USA on TN1 visa but i will be laid off from next week due to some project suspension. My TN1 visa is still valid until november 2016. How long can I stay in USA after losing job. If I overstay and find a new job and apply for new TN1, would they know the exact date I got laid off or do they track if I was working or not. Do they ask for pay stubs when i apply for new TN1 visa?
  5. puru33

    Visitor visa question

    Even if your dad doesnt wanna travel its better to apply together. when applied together you are almost 99% guaranteed. If only mom attends, chances of rejection is more for sure.
  6. My mother ( widowed) and sister ( married with a kid) are applying for B2 visitor visa. Both of them are home makers. They have CA certified documents to show around 80lkah of total value ( around 8 lakhs cash value+ rest property ) for each. Sister has got NOC from husband. I am on H1b, not applied for gren card. we are confused about what to select for " person/entity paying your trip". If we chose self funded, we are worried that , they might reject saying not sufficient funds as both of them do not work and no good current source of income other than some rental income which is not much ( less than 10000rs monthly for each). brother-in-law has a job but not huge income either. I have bank documents showing around 4000$ balance, it is not much either . not sure if that really matters. can they can avoid rejection based on not having self sufficient funds if they say Iam sponsoring the trip (assuming that they will not ask them to show my bank documents, which is usually the case. they judge based on verbal answer).but in the other hand they might think sister and mother do not have enough ties to home country , although they have husband/kid (all staying together)property etc. its kinda tricky. Thanks for your suggestions
  7. was issued on 19th. delivered to pick up location on 20th. I could pick it up on 20th. https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx From oct 15th to Nov 14th , there was no update on my case file. On 15th it said case updated, still under processing. again updated on 18th, still under processing. finally on 19th it said issued. so i guess just few days before the issue , u will see case updates. on my visa it says " clearance received Nov 13th"
  8. I am on my 5th year of my H1b (not yet applied for GC). I am going to apply visitor visa for my mother ( widow) and sister ( married and has a 13 years old kid. brother-in-law and kid wont be travelling so will get a NOC letter from him) together. Both of them don’t work. I have docments to show around 6 lakhs each FDs/ bank balance and 50-75 lakhs worth property for both sister and mother separately. We are going to say that my mother stays with sister and family and need to get back to take care of kid and husband. My brother also stays in USA. Would that make them potential immigrants? Do we need to mention about both myself and brother in DS-160? Do they cross-check if we don’t mention about my brother in USA? Appreciate your suggestions. Thanks
  9. i have posted the same thread in ********.com. please follow that thread
  10. I am going for my 3rd and last H1b renewal next month. When I went for 2nd renewal around 2 years ago, initially when I submitted the application online on http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/ it said am eligible for dropbox. but when I went to the bangalore office they said am not since my visa has annotation of clearance received . they asked me to get an appointment online and go for interview. I had to wait for 3 weeks just to get an appointment and another 4 weeks for processing. i dont want to be in the same situation this time. Does that rule still apply for dropbox eligibility? i dont see that question while submitting my profile for dropbox eligibility even now. my previous visa stamp has clearance received annotation.
  11. I am a getting student loan from US bank to cover my MS education expenses. Will that be enough to support the financing documents needed for H4 to F1 transfer or do i need additional bank balance statements to show enough fund to support 2 years study? I do not have sufficient bank balance neither from my local bank account nor from India. Thanks
  12. puru33

    overstay on PIO

    My US born 15 months old kid currently in India ( holding PIO card) for the past one year. Does he need to report to FRRO office before he comes back to USA. Do they ask for registration proof at the airport? Thanks
  13. My passport is ready to pick up at Bangalore centre since 5 days. I wont be able to pick up before May 2nd . how long do they hold the passport or within how many days I need to pick it up once it it ready to pick up? thanks
  14. I qualified for visa interview waiver ( since applying in the same visa category 2nd time) so accepted for drop box. within how many days do i need to submit the documents at the dropbox centre? . All the documents are ready but I havent had time to go the centre to drop off documents. Its been 10 days already. I am planning to go next week.