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  1. LookIn

    EB5 Immigrant Investor Visa

    Hello Team, Do you have any official i526 application filled number for India applicant? I especially needed to know how many applicants from India filled i526 in 2017 and 2018. Thank you
  2. LookIn

    F1 to H1B Transfer GAP

    Hello, Here is my friend situation. She is on F1 visa while she applied for H1B in Apr 2015. She was on F1 visa all the time and in between she got REF (REF was from employer side). It took long time to clear and she got approved on 3rd Feb 2016 (H1B process was slow last year). Her employer filed COS so I assume she was H1B as soon as her case got approved on 3rd Feb 2016. It take about 10 days to receive actual I-797 from USCIS. She was in CA and her employer in GA. It take about month to wind up existing F1 and join new company. She joined H1B company on Mar 18, 2016. Her employer also shows Hire date as Mar 18, 2016 on employment verification form. Since COS was approved on Feb 3, 2016 so what will be her status between Feb 3, 2016 to Mar 18, 2016? Was she out of status? How to fix this issue? and what need to be done? Thank you
  3. LookIn


    Hello! My employer filed my PERM application on 10/21 and as per them they do get case no immediately after they file online application. But normally they to get follow up questionnaire email with case no email and it has been more than 24 hr still they don't receive questionnaire email. Is this normal or something wrong going here? Is it something to do with government shutdown? or this questionnaire is just a regular auto generated email? What if questionnaire email didn't come? They checked SPAM folder but nothing on it... Thank you
  4. Hello! I got Request for Information (RFI) on PERM..... They need more explanation on job description. My question is, this is what we consider as Audit? or Audit is different than RFI? Questions they ask is simple and we are going to reply it but how serious this is? Thanks
  5. I just received my approval today for both H1 n H4 applications. File Date - Sep 8, 2011 Receipt Date - Sep 11, 2011 Approval - Dec 23, 2011 Working directly with client - 1st level.
  6. I just send message to my Attorney, let's see what he say...
  7. LookIn

    H1B Extension filed; I94 expiring

    You have file your application in time. So no need to worry. 1. You will be in status as your application is in pending 2. No 3. No
  8. Receipt date 09/11 - Still Initial processing as of 12/22.
  9. Pranav. I think your situation is very typical and it looks like you are running out of days in waiting for confirmation. Nothing you can do as it's not in your hand. That's why it is very important to select good & experience lawyer in this process who understand every single process in detail. It is very important that every single information in your file is very detail that will increase your chances of approval much high. Anyway, best luck! - It is painful time. Jai Shree Krishna!
  10. I think whole process get stuck on CSC, not find any approval on any thread since last 1 week on regular processing. Unless people is not responding after decision.
  11. LookIn

    H1 B Extension

    It may take some time to get receipt from USCIS but this is your valid stay as long as you have UPS/FedEx tracking no that shows package get drop to USCIS location. May be you wait for 1 more week otherwise you should consult with your attorney as it's more than 11 days to track about receipt.
  12. I think you have everything, still may be if you can easily get than get one official leave approval letter for 3 weeks from current employer and keep it with you. This is not needed but if you can easily get than take it with you. That will help you on any unkown issues.
  13. LookIn

    Urgent: Need to travel outside US and re-enter

    I don't think you can travel with expired passport. You need to renew passport in US via your country consulate and than go out of US, get stamp based on Company B approval. You may go for stamping in Dec 2012 or you may go for stamping to Canada / Mexico.
  14. LookIn

    Big Honest Mistake

    I got my H1 approved for Company A on Sep 2008 on In-House Projects. They did apply other 3 H1 (Total 4) but other 3 didn't got selected on lottery process. My employer is based on NJ. This is first time Company A is applying for H1 and it is for their own internal projects. I started working for this company A in Oct 2008. In Nov 2008 Company A sign MOU with Company B and send me to CA to work for Company B. Under MOU between Company A & Company B, both are going to develop projects that benefited Company A for what they actually planning to build. Company A decided to transfer projects to Company B as they don’t have enough man power to execute projects in timely fashion. So I am currently working at Company B location but employee of Company A. I got moved to CA in Nov 2008 and since then I am working in Company B and directly reported to Company A. My salary is also coming from Company A. In this transfer process Company A don't know all H1 program rules & regulation and when I moved to CA they didn't apply for LCA and H1B Amendment. This was honest mistake as they don't know these rules and didn't coordinate with Attorney for this change. Now Company A applied for my H1 extension in Sep 2011 (After 3 years) for another 3 years. This time when they contacted Attorney, law firm point this problem. They file for LCA for my California working in Sep 2011 and it got approved for 3 more years and then they file for H1B for 3 more years and currently my H1 is in pending stage. Attorney told my company, we will get RFE due to above mistakes and this extension we may face problem. I know this a huge mistake but it was honest mistake done by company as they don't have any experience of H1 program and didn't study well. Currently my H1 / I-94 is expired but we applied for extension before due date. What are my options if USCIS ask same question? Once I explain this problem to Company B, they said they are ready to do transfer to Company B and offer me employment. What are my options? Thank you!
  15. LookIn

    Old address on paystubs

    I don't think there will be any issue as although they deduct your tax for AR but you need to pay your CA tax by yourself in form of advance tax. Normally your employer need to deduct it but if they are not doing it than you can pay tax by yourself. This year you will be file 2 state tax return, AR & CA. I guess it's less than 6 months so you will be non - resident for CA.