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  1. rmirza77

    TSC == No GC, Current in August

    Hi, Mine is Sep 2007. EB2 Direct, No Mass RFE. RD - Dec 12 2011. Contacted Congressman/L1/L2. No updates.
  2. rmirza77

    Job and role change on EAD

    So basically they need proof for the future employment once AOS is approved.
  3. rmirza77

    Job and role change on EAD

    Belle, In response to my post I485 pending - Job change from Engineer to Programmer you mentioned that we can work @ Mc Donalds on EAD. And now you say if USCIS finds out then I485 will be rejected. Can you please shed light on this . Thanks !
  4. Thanks for the information! Might have to go for another lengthy process.
  5. Hi experts, My I485 is pending since Jan 2012. PERM is for Engineer. I want to change my profession from Engineer to programmer with the same employer. This is NOT same or similar job. What is the process and how to go about it ? I was told I need to file a new PERM and I140 and attach it to my pending I485. Is it the correct procedure ? And how can we attach new I140 to pending I485 file ? Will it cause any problems (or) risks ? * What should be the profession on EAD ? one stated in PERM ? Suggestions are highly appreciated !!
  6. rmirza77

    When is EB2/India likely to get to Jan 2007

    How do you know ? How can you be sure ? The latest what I heard was: 1000 EB3 to EB2 upgrades / month. This points that approx 12000 EB3 to EB2 upgrades have happened since date closed in 2012. Thats a whole lot of waiting and to add the ORIGINAL EB2 with U.S. masters and experience that will be a whole lot of EB2s. Plus no trickle from EB5 or EB1, So......situation is quite miserable. But lets hope for the best and hope something will be done to relieve this situation.
  7. Hi, I entered U.S. on AP and they mentioned Paroled and has put the expiration date to be 1 year from the Date I entered U.S. I dont know why they put this date and what happens once my I94 expires ? Does anyone know what happens when my I94 expires ? thanks !
  8. rmirza77

    spike in EB1 filings

    Have no idea - but my guess is these are Int'l Managers etc, May be because of some change in laws people are now using this door, who knows ? ? ?
  9. rmirza77

    Pending EB Inventory data is released....

    There is no way that suddenly 10 times more people start applying in EB1 compared to past years. There is something fishy about these numbers. These EB1 numbers supports USCIS's prediction that EB2 will never move ever !!
  10. rmirza77

    Pending EB Inventory data is released....

    Why is there a spike in EB1 ? What changed ? Whats causing so many EB1 applications ? Does anyone know about this ?
  11. rmirza77

    EAD and LLC/1099

    For this One-Person company do we have to register this company or get some kind of registration to work on 1099 ?
  12. Is DACA Dreamers consuming EB1 secretly ?
  13. I checked with my attorney and he said its permissible to sign the documents and leave and later spouse/attorney etc can submit the application.
  14. gmk123 - I am talking about the general population but not specific cases. Majority of EB2 are masters from U.S. Sorry to hear abt what u;ve gone thru. This is exactly one of my points --> F1 to H1B to EB2 spend more time/energy/money.
  15. Hi, Is there a standard procedure to contact USCIS for a general complaint ? Does anyone know how to contact USCIS without case specific details ? Thanks !